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  1. Got lucky, only took a couple hours to get uploaded. My interview date is 9/25! Can someone update the table above please? Google docs is updated: GoogleDocs Table Thank you!
  2. Oh darn... why would they do that to us? It would be much more logical to just send the message that an interview has been scheduled when the document is uploaded... This way it doesn't really help me much... on the contrary.. Thanks for the info and all the best for your interview next week!!
  3. By the way, does anyone know if you get another notification when the letter is uploaded into my account? or do I need to keep checking? And how long does that normally take? Sorry, getting a anxious over here 😊
  4. Got the notice that my interview was scheduled via email last night, but there is no letter uploaded yet!!! This suspense... On top of that, I'm flying out to Germany from 8/28-9/10 (family visit), so I hope it'll be after. Since Chicago normally has a month notification time, I just hope for the best!
  5. Well, if the timelines stay that way, yes. If you want to make 100% sure, you should probably only apply for Beibehaltung shortly before becoming eligible for N-400 application. You never know if your case will be the fast one approved in a couple of months. I'd rather apply for N-400 a couple months late than risking falling out of the 2 year window that the Beibehaltung gives you.
  6. Just adding to this: I got my 'Beibehaltungs'-approval this February. As for the reasons I presented: I work in IT, and there are a lot of jobs out there that require security clearance. I can't get security clearance as a Green Card holder, thus I'm at a disadvantage in the job market. My ties to Germany are strong since all my family is living in Germany, I'm the only one over here. Those were strong enough reasons to get the US, but also be allowed to keep the German citizenship. (By the way, while never engaging a lawyer for my American immigration matters, I did hire one for this German hurdle. Probably not necessary, but in this case I felt better with one, German bureaucracy... ) It currently seems to be taking 6-9 months (applied last year July). When picking up the certificate at the German consulate I was told I did the right thing in waiting to have the certificate in hand before starting the N-400 application, since the wait times seem to be getting longer for the 'Beibehaltung', too long for keep pushing out the oath date. After getting the approval, you have two years to actually get the American citizenship. If it takes longer, you can go back to the German consulate and get it extended for a few months, but you should really trying to get it within the allotted time. They also told me to keep the certificate in a safe place since they don't have a copy of it and if it's lost it'll be a pain in the butt to replace (no idea if that's true, but don't want to find out either ). I applied for the US citizenship a week after picking up the certificate and it looks as if I will have the US citizenship (if all goes well) by the end of the year. So, OP, if you want to keep both avenues, Germany and the US, open for future residence states, this would be your way to go.
  7. Yes, same here, dropped from May 2020 to February 2020 for Chicago field office. But then, when looking at the Citizenship timeline here on VJ for Chicago, most people seem to be getting their interview 5-6 months from filing. So there is that. We will see
  8. I just updated https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vu0o5uuv7dhdTTEpsi5a3FqODw5watY7bHhpVnh-gfw/edit#gid=0 to reflect Y (ROC already approved) and N to early filer. By the way, my status is also still showing reviewing biometrics (since biometrics walk in on 3/29/19) and I don't expect that to change until I get my interview date (which will probably take a couple of months here in Chicago).
  9. Thank you for doing that! I tried and it always deleted the table lines in the answer box for me.
  10. Just found you guys! Filed online 3/20/19 NOA1 3/20/19 (online)/3/25/19 (in mail) Biometrics (early walk in due to vacation plans) 3/29/2019 Chicago, IL, office. And so the waiting game begins
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