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  1. I forgot to add my wife came here on a K1 visa and her SS right now has the line " valid for work only with DHS authorization" . I was told to update her SS status after getting the green card to get a new SS without that line.
  2. Hi everyone, MY wife came here on a K1 visa and she recently got approval for a green card . While waiting for her green card to arrive, I'm wondering if you guys have any experience of updating the SSN by mail during covid since all the SSA offices are closed right now. I know I have to send in the original green card with the new SSN application. I'm afraid it may get lost during the mail-in process. Should I wait for the SSA office to open back up? or am I worry too much ?. Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. I don't know. The IO came out and told me to wait outside with my kid without giving us any reasons. He only allowed my wife and her interpreter to come with him.
  4. We went to the interview last week, and the IO only interviewed my wife. It was over in like 10 minutes.
  5. I think your going to be fine . We went to the interview on Thursday and the officer barely looks at anything we brought along. Good luck
  6. We went to the interview on Thursday with my 7 months old boy. For some reason, the IO only interviewed my wife and asked very few questions. He barely looks at anything we brought along. It was over in 10 min. The wait can be a bit long. Good luck.
  7. It's just gonna be you and your wife I think . You guys can be 2 separated households but living together.
  8. Your is taking a long time. I also applied for AOS in July and my wife passed the interview today.
  9. Just translate is enough I think. I translated both my wife high school and college diploma by myself. You can look up Vietnamese translation format for high school diploma if u wanna do it yourself and include something like this. https://immigrantjustice.org/media/185/download
  10. Congrats. Can you tell me how the phone interpreter work ? . My wife has an upcoming green card interview and I was thinking of asking a friend of mine to be the interpreter over the phone.
  11. My wife has a pending AOS and I am trying to refiled the I-765 form for my wife after getting rejected due to outdated form. On question 25 of the form, I-765 asks about the current immigrant's status. My wife came to the US on a K-1 visa, I am wondering what is her current immigrant status while having a pending AOS application. Is it still a K-1 Visa holder or it is something else? Thanks
  12. I think my I-765 form is outdated. I will send in a new update form along with my NOA for my AOS.
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