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  1. Hey guys, Just a question about looking into NSC progress, I always used Igor's List, but it is for the last 12 months, but now, well, you know, it is taking more than that. Any tips on what else list to use? I could never make the timeline search work properly. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello everyone, I need some help before i lose my mind, please. I see that the pd of current adjudicated processes is first half of august. My pd is December 24. Should i have hopes on getting my noa2 in december/january or should i expected 2 months of work per month of application, that being said (5 months * 2 = 10 months), expect by May 19? I just need a horizon to look on...
  3. But I have seen a case from January 2018, still no approval, all I think is that this might be my case. I don't know what is going on there, it is like they play God in our lives but don't consider we are humans. Since the change in the processing times, i already had 2 meltdowns. I don't know how long I can do this. I have been sick for almost two months, from multiple things, it is just me not handling my mind anymore, but honestly I see no ending. I can't do anything else besides getting stressed about and I have no one to talk about here. It is like my life is on hold and I just cant move forward at the moment, I feel all I want to do is just sleep until this is over.
  4. Yes, it does happen, and if ou look at it, you will see that many centers transferred the H1 visa to Nebraska, which may have backlogged CR1 applications... Once again, this is an assumption. Search for uscis load transfer, I can't post the link here, but it is the first link that appears.
  5. I agree, but that is not only the problem. When you analyze the amount of petitions received and the processed (i have seen in this group somewhere), Nebraska is the least efficient and the one who denies the most, proportionally. And by the rhythm that it is going, with no changes and interference somehow, this will be very bad for the center in a near future, because they receive 2x as much as they process per month. I really am hopeless to when I am going to revive my noa2, because my pd is 21 December, and one could argue that Texas sc is the one with the biggest backlog, yet they are approving November applicants. From the beginning of the year, Nebraska never was the best, but never was the worst like this, all the sc were doing slightly the same, but something happened, and they don't tell what. I assume they fired people or received some different directions, such as "people in Nebraska have to have stronger scrutiny", because makes no sense. Let us not forget that we pay a very expensive fee, this is not for free. Anyways, sorry for my frustration, because this is all I have to hang on to process.
  6. This is way too much, imagine, my pd is December, Im 6 months in, have to wait another 12 months, considering 2 months to process a month of applications? While others do in 3 months? If it is like this, I believe they will end up sending to other centers because that's wayyyyy to much. Everybody should call their congress folks to annoy NSC then
  7. Is this real life? Or is this expedite? Hahahaha my pd is December 21
  8. That is great news! Please keep us informed and don't let to mention the discrepancy between centers approval rates (Nebraska 10 months, Potomac 4 months) and very sketchy distribution of applications (not for location as mentioned on website). I know many examples in case you need it. You are our champion now!
  9. There is already a group of devem ver fillers, Im also of December 24, but Nebraska. I don't expect anything before November, to be honest.
  10. Same thing from NSC but rolled back to May. Now it's a year wait for NOA2. I can't stop wondering why do we have to have such unlucky destine 😥
  11. It happened again!!!! Now in Nebraska went from 7.5-10 to 10-13 months. Great way to ruin one's weekend.
  12. This is outrageous, it makes me want to scream. But at the same time i think that maybe they just found another pile of files near the bathroom or the likes. I dont even enter the group "all fillers december 2018" because i feel i will be the lat one to receive the noa2. And remembering when my lawyer said that it would take 8 to 12, i thought she was exaggerating... little did i know that she was being optimistic. This is so wrong
  13. Ah I see, my country is not there but our reputation is not the best, so... About UK, perhaps brexit has something to do with it? Thanks for the info!
  14. How do I know if my country is high fraud too? Is there a list or so?
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