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  1. This is way too much, imagine, my pd is December, Im 6 months in, have to wait another 12 months, considering 2 months to process a month of applications? While others do in 3 months? If it is like this, I believe they will end up sending to other centers because that's wayyyyy to much. Everybody should call their congress folks to annoy NSC then
  2. Is this real life? Or is this expedite? Hahahaha my pd is December 21
  3. That is great news! Please keep us informed and don't let to mention the discrepancy between centers approval rates (Nebraska 10 months, Potomac 4 months) and very sketchy distribution of applications (not for location as mentioned on website). I know many examples in case you need it. You are our champion now!
  4. There is already a group of devem ver fillers, Im also of December 24, but Nebraska. I don't expect anything before November, to be honest.
  5. Same thing from NSC but rolled back to May. Now it's a year wait for NOA2. I can't stop wondering why do we have to have such unlucky destine 😥
  6. It happened again!!!! Now in Nebraska went from 7.5-10 to 10-13 months. Great way to ruin one's weekend.
  7. This is outrageous, it makes me want to scream. But at the same time i think that maybe they just found another pile of files near the bathroom or the likes. I dont even enter the group "all fillers december 2018" because i feel i will be the lat one to receive the noa2. And remembering when my lawyer said that it would take 8 to 12, i thought she was exaggerating... little did i know that she was being optimistic. This is so wrong
  8. Ah I see, my country is not there but our reputation is not the best, so... About UK, perhaps brexit has something to do with it? Thanks for the info!
  9. How do I know if my country is high fraud too? Is there a list or so?
  10. Why do we have to be so unlucky? Really I am so angry, people who filed in February 2019 in Potomac are already with case complete. Why don't they redistribute then? This is so ethically wrong. Isn't it the almighty country of justice? Clearly not in this case.
  11. Hey there, i don't know from where these lawyers got it, but I got a j1 visa, an f1 visa denied, than later a b1 visa accepted, there is nothing about that will influence my chances about it, even if I get my b1 cancelled now, which my layers expressly said, and I read several times elsewhere. Keep your hopes high!
  12. Hey guys, I am also a December filler. Sent my package on Dec 20th, got my NOA1 on 24th, and as a Christmas gift, was sent to Nebraska, yay. Idk if anyone noticed, but they changed the processing time in the uscis website, from 7-10 to 9.5-12 months. Good thing is that if we complete 2 years of marriage, we get the 10 years gc. Always see the bright side, right? Congrats for the Potomac fillers! I just heard from visa journey, bc I am applying with a lawyer. Guys, do you know if my husband changed locations, does this mean that we will be changed the uscis location too? That would change my service center to the crazy California center..
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