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  1. Congrats to all who are starting to get interviews and thank you to everyone sharing updates. You are giving me some hope....finally....
  2. Congrats! And here you were going to give up! Lucky that France is so quick.
  3. So sorry to hear you didn't get the approval today! I was routing for you as I know we were both stuck for so long in Nebraska. Not sure if this is of any help but thought I would send it in case you had not seen it, under step 6 there is a big section on Domicile. Maybe you can try writing a letter like they suggest and uploading any documents you have that match up to this? It is worth a try.
  4. Mine was over 8 weeks and there are so many from us from Canada with the same time to wait. They are finally working again. Yours is coming very soon!!!!
  5. I just got my DQ email!!!!!! 😁🎉👍 Submitted 11/17 First submission Canada Hopefully this means more good news to come for the rest of the group!!
  6. Montreal. Thanks...I hope your DQ will come soon!!! I feel the same way. I know what you mean about having everything on hold. We were told 6-12 months total, haha what a joke. We were living together here and my husband moved back November 2018 thinking my son and I would be down in 2019 yet here we are still waiting. I really don't want to spend another year apart... I know how you feel. My son is so mad at me right now. He's a teenager and has had to put his life on hold (as all of us do) but he's too young to understand all this. It seems like they just rush through and kick everything out. Good luck in trying to sort it out!
  7. You are absolutely right. This is so ridiculous!! Almost a year in Nebraska and now this....I'm at 7 weeks since first submission at NVC. Plus I have the added bonus of a consulate that is running 5-6 months for interviews but that is only after DQ which who knows if I get approved on the first try or not. It's so hard to not be depressed in this process. Ugh!!!!!
  8. I logged into our CEAC accounts this morning and noticed on my son's application they marked his civil documents as incomplete, everything else still shows submitted. They have added police certificate under the "required" section but I had provided this in the "other documents". They had not asked for it initially but he is over 16 and I knew he needed it. My question is do I need to upload it again in the "required" section now that they added it there or will they figure out it is already uploaded? Has this happened to anyone else? I don't want to mess up timing by submitting the document again if I don't have to. I have no messages from them.
  9. Hi...yes, I had the same thing happen here. My son had his case number assigned a couple weeks before mine and his hard copy came in the mail but mine has not arrived yet. I think they send it as backup. I read one person on VJ where they had the wrong email on their application so they were glad it arrived by snail mail!
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