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  1. Long time lurking, first time posting 😉 First off, congrats to everyone who is getting their approvals! PD for me is Oct 5 2018 . It's been a lengthy, stressful, 312 day journey so far. We used an attorney for the I-130 but that was because I didn't know about this site at the time. The attorney is/was a disaster. Will not do anything to help. Bad advice from the start. Multiple mistakes on our original forms that luckily I caught before they sent them in. Total waste of money. Had to research most stuff myself. Planning on doing the next stage on my own thanks to the wonderful help on here. I am seeing everyone who is successfully getting action by going I-129 route and am seriously considering this. Same issues as everyone else on here; missing my husband, not being able to plan our life, son's schooling will be messed up due to two different systems and not knowing when he will be down there, trying to maintain two households and running out of money etc. Reached out to our senator (as lawyer refused to help) but they are getting same run around answers. "I-130 is a 13 month lead time" speech is what came back today. I was hesitating thinking it wasn't going to save time but some of the posts I have seen are approvals in 1-2 months. My biggest concern is if they actually approve the I-129 and not my I-130. My questions: Has anyone on this forum had their I-129 approved instead of the I-130 or faced problems because they filed for the I-129? Has anyone on this forum filed the I-129 on their own even though they used a lawyer for I-130? Did it cause any issues? My husband is nervous about us sending in the I-129. Being allowed to move to be with him is great but if I am not able to work and my son can't go to school as we have no authorization it will be a problem. Just wondering if anyone on here experienced anything negative going this route?
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