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  1. Hello! What did you ended up submitting? We are in the same situation right now, just got the same type of RFE 2 days ago. Please help!
  2. Processing time for I-765 ( based on pending I-485) for national benefits center shows today as 5.5 to 7.5 months. It shows the date of the inquiry is June 23rd, 2019. Is your NOA is before June 23rd 2019, you would be able to submit an inquiry. In 60 days after first inquiry you would be able to submit second one if still no result.
  3. They should respond to inquiry in 30 days, but your case has to outside posted processing time otherwise you won’t be able to submit an inquiry.
  4. Case number is meaningless, you can’t get any information out of it. If it was sensitive, USCIS would put username and password around it. I don’t understand, you are so sensitive about case numbers, but you are willing to put of public display your whole immigration timeline, including country where you are from and your local office. You know that’s a lot of info!
  5. I reached out to my local congressman when I was waiting for my ROC. I reached out to him several months after my case was out of processing time and USCIS was not reacting to my inquiries that case is late. I had to provide proof, like my correspondences with USCIS. So, I don’t think that you can reach out to congress if you feel like you are waiting too much. You have to file inquiry with USCIS first.
  6. There won’t be any other extension letter. 30 days before your Extension letter expires you need to call USCIS and schedule infopass appointment for the purpose of stamping your passport. It has to be 30 days or less or they won’t listen to you.
  7. No worry, interview for one person is simple. You can’t mess it up 😁. I actually myself went through i130 and i751 interviews, so I know all the pain. This i485 case is for my good friend, I helped out with paperwork gathering.
  8. Yes, I get it. But all the forms are mailed already. With help of immigration attorney of course. We are actually a November 2019 filler. Case is accepted, check cashed, biometrics are scheduled for Jan 3rd 😁 see, just like you guys
  9. I-485, part 2, 1a is a classification of family based category. It Is the same and treated same way.
  10. Thank you! Yes, a lot of good info, but nothing really relevant or up to date. From my perspective, case is not much different than k1, k3. Yes, green card is immediately available upon approval of i485. Same paperwork, same steps: filing, biometrics, work permit, rfe(maybe), interview(maybe), done - green card.
  11. So, the case I’m dealing with doesn’t belong to any of those 2 categories, but I guess it’s closer to family based category. We are adjusting status base on US citizenship of parents for a child over 21. I can’t find any forums for such category. Can somebody suggest such forum?
  12. It’s should all be the same, it’s i485. Timeline for biometrics, work permit, etc. will be the same. I’m only interested in the timeline comparison.
  13. Ok, thanks for info. Our case is not K1, so I guess it’s possible. I’m asking because the longest it takes to get scheduled for the interview. Some local offices are super slow.
  14. Don’t worry, they cashed out check a month after they received the case, plus holiday season.
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