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  1. Hi all!! Im joining here as april filers. We sent our form via Fed Ex last april 11. We still haven't received any confirmation on anything and checks haven't been en cashed yet. would any of you advise for us to email or call to follow up? up to how many days or weeks should we wait?
  2. Hi!!! Im also from the Philippines. Im on a B2 Visa, and we got married last 02/22/2019and just sent our documents last 04/11/2019. Still no updates from USCIS. We sent it to Chicago Dearborn 3rd floor as well. What's the update on your papers?
  3. i know! so i think photos would be much better proof? plus our joint lease for now. we're actively looking for a house too
  4. hi kimberly! thank you for this! quick question: did you guys submitt a notarized affidavit from your friends testifying the authenticity of your relationship? i asked our friends to make us but since they are in another country, they all scanned the copy, and we cannot have it notarized here for them. I am wondering if this is important or should we just skip on it for now and wait til the interview and bring them the notarized copies?
  5. may i know how much was the total check you sent out? i know the $1225 for i-485 already includes the i-131 and the i-765, so another payment and check for the i-130/130a, which is $535?
  6. thank you!!! im curious, when did you guys submit? and while waiting for their acceptance of our petition, do i need to apply for an extension of my tourist visa?
  7. hey!!! i saw your comment on that post. im also a filipina. i just found some comments on this forum rude. haha my friend told me to sign up here and start asking. may i ask you some questions about your visa journey? 

  8. its weird because when we went back here from iceland, they stamped me an entry after i said Im back here to spend holidays with my fiance. i had a b-2 visa coming in. and in all honesty, that was the plan.
  9. my then boyfriend, now husband was living with me in my home country before he got a job in the states and decided to go back.. me visiting him was planned a few months after he left. after we got engaged in iceland he also wanted me to meet his family for christmas so it was the perfect season to do it. i mean, i had my plane tickets ready to come home til he asked me to just stay here and marry him.
  10. thank you! the only thing i am curious about is the medical exam. do i have to take it before filing, and include the results in my package or wait for them to tell me when to do it?
  11. yeah, i actually quit my job already because of this. but we are 30-something and don't want to wait longer to have kids. thanks so much for letting me know about this! do you think it's ok for me to include my original travel itinerary to leave the US, before we got married? or is it something i can hold on to in case they ask me during my interview? im so drained and confused by all this but hey, im with the love of my life and that's all that matters.
  12. hi!!!! i am going through almost a similar process. may i ask how your journey came out to be?
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