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  1. Hello! 2 days ago I’ve got an appointment for a interview, category F22 (F2A child of a green card holder). Today, the status of the case on CEAC was updated to "Currently at Moscow" and suddenly in the column «Affidavit of Support Documents & Financial Evidence» «ACCEPTED» has changed to "INCOMPLETE". Inside, there are two fields for loading "FORM W-2" and "FORM I-864EZ", which were not previously required (the forms "FORM I-864" and "IRS tax transcripts" have been sent and approved long ago). In that case, I didn’t receive any letters from NVC with a request to download additional documents. Did anyone have this situation? What should I do?
  2. Hi! I’m glad that your son has already went through every step of getting visa! I will have the interview for F2A in a few months (I’m almost 21) Can you please provide which questions were asked him during the interview?
  3. What is your PD? I’m waiting for the interview too & pray that my PD (23 March 2017) will be current this May
  4. Thanks a lot! Yes, I have field DS-260, AOS, and NVC accepted all documents, so I’m waiting for schedule an interview by NVC & the embassy of USA in my country when my PD will be currently.
  5. Hi, everyone My PD is 21th March 2017, visa F2A (green card holder’s son). I guess it will be current this May. But the problem is that I will turn 21 years old on 14th May this year too. As I know CSPA doesn’t apply for LPR (the green card holder’s) minor children (or does it?) So, if I will turn 21 AFTER my visa category (F2A) is current and the interview will be after I’m 21, will I eligible for F2A visa? Or maybe I need to contact NVC?
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