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  1. I’m a USC who has been staying in Canada since March 2020 while we’ve been waiting for the IR1 process to play out. Prior to that, I’d go back and forth from the us to Canada every week or two over and over for 4 years (probably 200 crossings). I applied for a visitor record and was granted one extension. I applied again at the 1 year mark and am waiting for that to be processed, which should be in Sept. I need to go back to the US for a week or two in September. Will I have problems getting back into Canada? If this were a Canadian trying to get into the US after staying as a visitor for 18 months, I feel like there is a good chance they would be turned away. My wife and two kids are in Canada so I don’t want to leave if there’s a chance I’ll get locked out of the country. thinking about hiring an immigration lawyer to advise on this (recommendations welcome) but figured I’d ask here first in case anyone knows. my DQ date is in late April so I still have some time before this is over.
  2. Recently not a notification that my I-130 was sent to the state dept for consular processing. What does timing look like from here given covid delays.
  3. I just did the same and got a response that said “yea you’re outside normal processing time but your case is with an officer and you’ll be hearing soon”. That was a few weeks ago still nothing.
  4. I tried doing it online and it said i'm not outside normal processing time now (since i'm in Vermont timelines I guess)
  5. I submitted in February 2019 to Nebraska, transferred to Vermont in Feb 2020. I haven't received anything, no date changes, no info. When I called and spoke to a level 2 office last month they said my status has been "Needs Review" since February. Seems like lots of people with applications much later than mine have already been processed. Any idea how to get this unstuck or what may be going on?
  6. Sorry “February 2019”. All the case numbers I checked with receipt numbers near ours have been processed by now and it seems like they are on to April 2019 cases in the ordinary course.
  7. I spoke with an officer who said my i-130 was marked “needs review” in February, shortly after transfer to VT. Any idea what this means and how long this can take? Filing date was February 2018.
  8. Thanks - sounds about right. Been living apart from my wife and kids for almost 4 years now and not looking forward to another delay. Grasping for anything I can at this point.
  9. How about a kidney specialist hooking you up to a dialysis machine? Kidney failure is one of the largest causes of death for COVID-19 patients.
  10. My wife is a US trained and licensed physician, currently residing in her home country pending processing of our I-130 (which has been pending over a year). Since she is ready, willing and able to immediately move to the US to start treating COVID-19 patients, do you think this would rise to the level of a humanitarian crisis such that they would expedite our application?
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