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  1. My wife and I have prepared almost all of the papers for her AOS and have looked at guides to help but we are still a bit nervous on a few things. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 1. Cashier's check pay to the order of Our cashier's check for the payment of the fee is titled exactly the way the USCIS stated it be except without the periods between US (U.S.) is this a problem? 2. Address I 864 My old address is on some of my documents what does the USCIS look at to determine your residence. I might have one of my family members do a i864a so I know the address needs to be the same. 4. I 864 income requirements My income for 2018 is about $500 short of the 125% but that is due to me not working the whole year. My yearly income is around $24000 and with bonus $30000. What evidence can I show that will show that I meet the requirement or is a cosponsor preferred. 5. Cosponsor vs joint sponsor is one preferable or better?
  2. I just dont know how they operate is all but I feel much better about it now. Is it even worth mentioning to them or only tell them if asked?
  3. I'm actually a bit surprised because they seem so strict about everything
  4. My fiance from the Philippines will be arriving here on April 20th in San Francisco. She will be on a K1 Visa and she wants to stay for 7 days in California with family (San Francisco and Sacramento) she has there before flying to Indiana. I will not be there in California when she arrives or at any point. So on April 27th she will fly to Cincinnati, Ohio arriving early morning on April 28th where I will pick her up and drive her here to Indianapolis a 1 hour and 30 minutes drive. I myself feel like this could give problems but I'm not sure and I am fine with her staying 7 days as long as there is zero risk involved. My fear is that visiting family is not the intent of her K1 Visa and that it will throw red flags to the CBP officer. If anyone has knowledge or experience with this please let me know if there is any issue or risk involved. Thank you!
  5. My Fiance was there too sadly they said you cant get in without appointment.
  6. Ours took from January 18 to February 19 for the official email from the NVC but I got the case number from them by calling on like February 15
  7. Camandjam

    2go Text

    It might not arrive but it could. We got that text and it did not arrive that day but thankfully it arrived the next day.
  8. On a Monday? Because all Monday slots are filled
  9. Only Mondays have GCP for those going to America. The boxes that are gray have no session. The slots available are white.
  10. 2. It can be typed my I129F was all typed out except signatures. Same with letter of intent it was typed and I signed. She did the same, signed it, and emailed it to me. So her letter of intent was not an orginal with a wet signature. So as far as I know there are no issues with typing it as long as you use ink for the important parts like signatures. I had no hold ups during the entire process so it should be fine.
  11. Earliest time in Davao is May 13 I would probably book it now or pretty soon. The dates fill up fast.
  12. I only suggest doing the CFO early because you dont want to get the visa but be waiting on your GCP. We are currently waiting until April 16 which when we scheduled it that was the earliest date out of all 4 CFO locations except Cebu which had April 15. At least 1-2 weeks before the interview schedule it so you dont wait too long. Also it's not a guarantee that they pass her day 1 of interview from my understanding certain factors and if she is shy or timid can make getting the sticker hard. Only repeating this info but others here can tell you more about the CFO "sharks" lol
  13. Here is my timeline for reference. Our NOA2 was dated Jan 18 and I received it Jan 26 or 27. My trip to PH was Jan 27- Feb 13. After getting back I waited 1-2 days and called the NVC and got our case number. The official NVC email arrived Feb 19. By Feb 28 we received a email stating we could schedule an appointment. March 5 we scheduled an appointment for March 14. Visa was stamped on March 21 and it left the embassy on March 27 and on March 29 the visa arrived at her house in Olongapo. The upcoming parts after the NOA 2 for me felt the busiest and you will both certainly have much to do. Schedule your CFO GCP if you have not already, earliest time is April 22 in Cebu I believe and April 24 in Manila.
  14. She did very well in her Embassy interview from what she said. I think like 5 questions they practically asked and her interview was far shorter than the others around her. So I guess that should be a good indication. I'm still contemplating the Clark Walk-in maybe an extra $50 just to see if money can talk. I cant really see the issue since your just paying a premium for essentially expedited service but the CFO seems to be more like a toll road... stopping you and taking a small fee. I guess they probably get off knowing they are a roadblock lol.
  15. So maybe Clark will accept an "extra seat"? I have read the guide a little bit. I will have her look at it soon as she needs to read it. The only reason I think of it is I plan for the worst hope for the best. If she somehow fails her first GCP then we have one available much sooner than if we did not. I dont like the idea much though as I said before it kinda gets in others way.
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