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  1. What worries me is that the document being used to marry like this doesn't ask for any copy of a document to identify yourself, only "official" part that links the document to who you are is the SSN part but being a K-1 would make it take longer if being forced to wait to get it. http://www.alabamapublichealth.gov/vitalrecords/assets/applicationandinstructionsadults.pdf That's the document that's being used and it doesn't ask for a copy of your passport or any kind of ID, just asks for the SSN, so I wonder if you need to get the SSN so there's no problems with AOS later on, or I'm being dumb and I'm not seeing how they can link a document like that to you without proper identification.
  2. They are revamping the whole process in the state and making it more like a notarized contract, is that going to affect K-1 or it's just going to simplify the whole process? https://www.al.com/news/2019/08/getting-married-in-alabama-changing-aug-29.html
  3. Nevermind what I just said, unless I'm wrong seems like personal items don't count towards the "Things that wil remain in the U.S.", so I shouldn't have to declare any items even though I'm entering with a K1 visa, please someone correct me if this is not the case lol
  4. Oh, not really concerned, was mostly wondering if I had to declare the most expensive items I was bringing with me, like laptop, gaming consoles and all that 😋, I do know that all electronics must be in the carry-on so they can be checked if needed. I want to guess that since I will be just entering, will have to fill just like I'm a visitor but writting down the value of everything I'm bringing with me, since technically everything will stay. Thanks for the help!
  5. Yeah, that's what I mean, on all these websites talk about "returning" to the United States after traveling elsewhere but in this case it would be moving in from another country, usually as a tourist you don't have to declare anything but I don't know if that applies here.
  6. What kind of things do you need to declare when entering the country that way? (I mean the slip they give you in the plane an hour prior of landing). When you're a citizen it's pretty clear cut, same was as if you're a tourist, but I seriously have no idea how it works when you enter with a special visa. Normally when you enter as a tourist you don't have to declare any goods since you're not bringing them "back after purchasing them abroad" and nothing would stay permanently, but I don't know if same applies for K-1. Thanks!
  7. Had to wait a couple weeks for appointments to become available, they didn't until the start of the month. Medical evaluation in Spain has to be in the one center they offer the service in Madrid (Unidad Medica), and sadly you need to do it at least a week before the interview because the blood and urine test take some days to process.
  8. Does anyone else have the issue when trying to print the receipt for the fees (The one you have to show the interview day) that it loses the format that's shown on the site? Would that matter or the only thing they care for it's that you got it printed and it shows the transaction number and your information? Thanks!
  9. They just opened appointment dates for July for the Madrid embassy, figured I would let you know in case someone was waiting like me 😋
  10. Been trying to book my appointment for the interview for around 10 days and I always get the message "There's no available dates at the moment, try again in a few days". Is there a set day of the month that appointments become available in Madrid? NOA2 expires around july 6th and I'm starting to get nervous lol, been doing everything as fast as we can but they take so long with every step of the process. Thanks!
  11. Just got my packet 4 today (Even though there's no available dates so have to keep an eye out for new openings). Does this mean that everything that was sent with packet 3 was approved? In spain they ask your I-134 to be sent in packet 3, plus of course the DS-160, am I to assume that they were ok with the income and the information provided? Thanks
  12. Seems like the status went to READY a bit over a couple weeks ago, before that it was something in the lines of shipped info to embassy or something like that. Tried calling them now but seems like they won't reply to any question related to visa status through the phone, so I had to find an email which I'm not 100% it's the right department because they don't list an email on the spanish embassy... So we shall see how it goes lol. Thanks
  13. Got the notice from NVC telling us that the case had been sent to beneficiary embassy (Spain) back in April 16th and still no info, a bit worried because all the timeline websites say this phase usually only takes 2-3 weeks and it's been past that by now. How long should I wait until I contact them / How long did that phase take for others recently? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the replies! I'm kinda glad my embassy asks for all this stuff on packet 3 so I have to bring way less stuff on the interview lol, spanish embassy all they ask is the sealed medical, proof of relationship, passport and fees receipt (for the interview day). edit: Which is really good so they take their time before to check the affidavit of support.
  15. Will be contacted soon by my local embassy and I know they want me to send original I-134 and police records, am I going to get those back? Or I should make copies of everything to be sure. Thanks!
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