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  1. Hi guys, I'm getting my information together while waiting for the case number etc so I can fill out the forms quickly when the time comes. I have a couple of questions, firstly looking at the dates I might be on holiday in the states inbetween completing the form and the interview date, or when I'm filling it out. Should I put down future holiday dates on it (I have return flights booked so know when I'm coming back) or is it just for travel prior to filling out the form? Second, I am currently serving in the military. My final day employed by the military is in September but I'm on terminal leave from July. If I'm on terminal leave should I put not employed / other and explain the dates in the additional box or should I just put my employer as the military even though my contract will likely be coming to an end during processing? Thanks!
  2. Hi, first of all congratulations! You say that you also attended the interview, I am the applicant and my wife is the petitioner so I'd just like to know if we should plan for he to fly over around the interview date as I was under the impression only I had to attend. Thanks!
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