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  1. I can only give you my experience, I had a full vaccination history from the military and they accepted that, however the guidelines they used are different to the UK military and I had to have one vaccination because I couldn't prove I'd had one as a child despite having one in the military and having the record. Your mileage may vary.
  2. Nice, I got an email from the courier today saying it was dispatched so it seems pretty quick once its been issued.
  3. Mine wasn't THAT bad, I was waiting until about 1230, they only had one person doing the actual interviews and two processing documents so it was pretty slow. One guy did come to help her for a while but he left after doing a couple. I imagine they're busy in the office at this time of year. Changed to issued on the ceac status check today!
  4. Aye, the woman who did the interview said it should be with me within a week, but in my head I've got that 10 working days they say on the website
  5. Queue me checking the site obsessively for the next week or two
  6. That's a relief, obviously I won't be fully happy until its in hand but I'm 99 percent there. Thank you!!! I had the biggest grin on my face.
  7. Hey guys! I had my interview today and it all went fine, got the acceptance and that I was just wondering if it was normal that my ais still says appointment, it doesn't say administrative processing or accepted or anything.
  8. You can request full medical notes from a practice by filling out a patient access request, but it might be overkill for what you need.
  9. Hey guys, I have my interview at the London (UK) embassy in a couple of weeks for a spouse visa. My wife (US citizen residing in the States) has just brought a new house and is planning on moving into it next week. Do we need to update anything when she does? i.e. petitioner's address or my planned address while in the states and will this effect my interview date because they have to update the file? Thanks!
  10. If it's anything like the navy then when you left the airforce the MO should have given you a summary from DMICP along with a document so a new GP could request your med records from the military. If you get in touch with the sickbay they should be able to get another one by filling out a request form, if you're that interested in fleshing out your summary.
  11. Scratch that I'm an idiot and wrote the number down wrong. They had plenty of appointments for the next couple of weeks too if anyone is interested.
  12. Hey again everyone! I got my interview confirmation email yesterday (right after I messaged my wife saying there was no news that day yet, classic). I've been trying to call the doctors and book a medical appointment but I'm just getting a long dial tone when I call, is this the right number? 02074687822 Thanks guys!
  13. Thanks for the answers guys! I think you can only book your own interview date for a K1, I'm a CR1 and they assign the dates, sorry I should have been more clear.
  14. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had rough timelines between becoming documentarliy qualified with the NVC and receiving your interview date? We got the e-mail through from the NVC saying they had received all fees, forms and documents and would be contacting the embassy on the 9th July.
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