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  1. Within 5-6 days after approval. Visa isnt available same day
  2. Okay yeah thats surprising how even they said no to her.Anyways if they even wont let in ,i dont mind waiting outside. In case if they ask about me she can always say that m right here outside
  3. Yea thats surprising why they didnt let him in but one of myy friend just had a interview for his wife and he went inside with her with no issues at all.unless he wasnt the petitioner or hold us passport with him,i dont see any reason not to let him go inside
  4. Yea you dont need appointment,you can jus go in with us passport
  5. Ok thanks bcoz m planning to return back on same day so hopefully my wife will be done by 12 pm so we have enough time to go to our hotel and then to airport to catch our return flight.
  6. Btw how much time it took you from start to finish, at what time you got free from the embassy?
  7. Are you sure about that, i dont think spouse with usa passport need to take any appointment,they can jus go in with their spouse atleast for us embassy in india
  8. Lol now since we got our appointment dates ,now its even more harder to wait till interview. I am hoping for the time to flyby and may month to start already.
  9. Gather all documents including chat details call details, joint bank account statements,photos including marriage photos ,honeymoon photos ,photos of any trips together ,any hotel bills or any other bills,any email communications,all financial documents from petitioner including job letter ,pay checks ,other records of any money sent by you to her Go prepared and be confident.
  10. Yeah thanks .i will ask her to call them tomorrow morning and they can guide her on next steps regarding how to setup appointment date and time and on how long it will take to get the reports back so she can plan accordingly.
  11. So do they give appointments on phone or have to fill some form online like you mentioned
  12. Oh is that so then yeah she have to stay for one extra day .
  13. Its 1 year for united states and congratulations