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  1. A staircase, but honestly there's still a way down when you are standing upstairs. LOL What would be the most spectacular funeral you could imagine?
  2. Stranger dogs. BTW, is it safe to use these sportdog collars for behavioral training?
  3. 1. The six months are for those visitors not the citizen of the country. 2. No, they don't accept the expired passport. Also it will take only 7 to 12 days if she will get a new one. 3. No, for as long as she renews her passport and has a valid green card.
  4. I thought that applying for a tourist visa is just easy. I feel like the last option left is for your parents to try it again.
  5. Mailman, this is the reason why a dog owner should keep an eye with their pets.
  6. I feel sad after seeing the news yesterday about the Notre Dame Cathedral.
  7. Because they find it safe will all the unwanted stuff above. If an orange is orange, why isn’t a lime called a green or a lemon called a yellow?
  8. I feel like there are two types of typing test but I am not that sure which one are they using on JCN.
  9. The getting to know each other part is longer, and it still feels awkward the moment we see each other.
  10. They are currently my favorite K-pop group.
  11. LOL, this is that type of video that kids nowadays don't understand.
  12. Five, I am planning to travel more this year while I am still young.
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