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  1. Hi, by any chance do you have a link to an IRS page or something showing this is how it will work? Everything I have read sounds like you had to be married by December 31, 2019 to qualify for the stimulus payment.
  2. Hello, we scheduled the K-1 interview for the end of next month and had all the documentation ready. But now I (the petitoner) found out I will be starting a different job a few days after the interview, and will be quitting my current job and moving a few weeks before the interview. Do we need to postpone the interview until after I start the new job? Or can I just send the job offer letter with the I-134, and list the income shown on the letter? Rescheduling the interview for before I quit my current job might also be a possibility, but I'm not sure if the medical exam results would arrive in time for the interview. Thanks
  3. Hello, the DS-160 contains a page titled "Previous Work/Education/Training Information", which is after the Present Work page, and asks about 5 years of previous employers, and schools attended. However, it seems the only way to get to this Previous Work page is to click Next on the Present Work page, then Back once on the Security and Background page that comes up next. If you didn't click Back, you wouldn't even see this page. Additionally, anything you fill in and save on the "Previous Work" page will be gone the next time you come back to it. Is anyone familiar with this issue, and do I need to even bother filling in this page if my responses are just going to disappear anyway?
  4. Hi. I received the NOA2 letter and am preparing to mail my fiancee the things that are needed for the interview. I read on this site that I need to mail the I-134 because it needs a "wet" signature. Does the statement from my employer that goes along with the I-134 need a "wet" signature as well, or should I send a copy of that? Also, can I use the same employer statement a few months later when we apply for AOS, or do I need to ask my employer for another one at that time?
  5. @Naes @payxibka Thank you for the quick response. I will leave the assets questions blank.
  6. Hi. I am working on filling out Form I-134, Affidavit of Support. My income is above 125% of the poverty level. Should I list $0 for the other assets (questions 4, 5, 6) so I don't need to request letters to prove the balances of my accounts? I saw some posts recommending to leave the assets fields blank, but there is a note at the end of the form, "NOTE TO ALL SPONSORS: If you do not completely fill out this affidavit or fail to submit required documents listed in the Instructions, USCIS or the Department of State may deny your affidavit."
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