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  1. Loup

    K1 visa processing

    Thank you.. We apprreciate it..
  2. Loup

    K1 visa processing

    Thank you, yes i did. I just need the visa on hand for the cfo sticker😊. Thank you😊🙏
  3. Does this mean i can expect my visa to be delivered soon?
  4. Thank you...your reply is very informative. I just check my ceac status today and its on issued stat already.. Thank God🙏....
  5. Good day.i just like to share my concerns regarding my k1 visa ceac status after my interview because im a bit confuse and maybe someone has the same experience as me. I had my interview last May 10 and was told by the consul that i was approved, he didnt ask for any documents and evidence from me. After the interview my ceac status became AP (MNL1) (Non Immigrant visa)then on May 13 the( MNL2 Immigrant visa ) was changed from Ready to AP, but the AP content in MNL1 and 2 our different. Im a bit confuse and anxious because maybe i need to submit any additional documents or what. And kind of bothered to why theyre different Immigrant and the other is non immigrant. Thank you
  6. Thank you for the reply..im planning to do the same if all goes well.thanks again
  7. Ive done my 3 day sputum examination at st.lukes last March 6-8,2019 and was informed to come back after 2 months if my cultures comes out negative. Im on my 2nd week already out of 8th on my waiting period. Stressful. If during the 6th to 7th week of my waiting for the sputum culture result if no one call yet at that time I assume it will a negative result. Im supposed to come back on May 7f or the immunization. My question is can i make a visa appointment for interview already say on May 9? I am from cebu me and my fiance wants to try to limit the expenses so we want to do everything on the week im there in Manila. Thank you
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