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  1. Affidavits do not add any significant value in terms of showing evidence of marriage but there is no harm in adding them to your packet. It is advised they are notarized and are from US Citizens or lawful permanent residents. If they are from foreigners living in the US without a Green card or if they are from non US citizens, residing outside of US - there is ABSOLUTELY no need to send them. Don’t even bother your friends or relatives from outside the US to write any statements on an affidavit. Save their time. That paper is worthless. Stick to other proof you can send.
  2. After you see that the case status changes to NEW CARD BEING PRODUCED - can you see the USPS tracking number? Or is it mailed in a regular stamped envelope without tracking?
  3. 3/19/18 - mailed to Vermont 3/21/18 - case received 3/13/19 - transfer to Texas 6/26/19 - the website says NEW CARD PRODUCED will be eagerly awaiting for it in the mailbox. The entire process took 15 months from the application submission.
  4. Wow. 🎉 your response just put a light in this dark tunnel to dozens (or hundreds) of us who got transferred from VT to TX! And got stuck there. i filed in 3-21-18, was transferred to TX on 3-13-19 If it’s not much to ask - can you please look up your cover letter and let us know here what paperwork you submitted as proof? Some applications have WAY too much documentation as proof and they still get RFE. Others cover just few basics and get approved without being scheduled an interview. And once again - congratulations!
  5. No offense but in the eyes of USCIS examiner this is considered weak evidence. Not having a joint bank account after 2 years of marriage raises suspicion. Ask your mother-in-law (assuming she is a US Citizen?) write a detailed explanation letter about why you don’t have any utilities in both of your names. Do you have health insurance with a joint policy? Send them copies of your cards. do you have any joint credit cards? Show them copies of those cards too. have you taken any vacations and trips together? Send them copy of travel itinerary.
  6. Is there a chart or a separate topic showing Vermont applicants who got transferred to Texas Service Center? I wonder how many such cases are there in Texas - dozens, hundreds or over a thousand? I’m a March 2018 flier. It was transferred to Texas in March 2019. My letter said it got transferred to balance out workloads and promote timely processing which made sense at the time. It also said that it will NOT delay the processing time. But after seeing there are many April, May and even few June fliers who got approved - it makes no sense.
  7. As long as she has both the expired green card and the extension letter on her as she enters the US - she’ll be fine. Even airline agents overseas are aware about US immigration requirements and they accept the expired green card and the extension letter to issue a boarding pass so your wife should just relax and enjoy her trip. Safe travels.
  8. It depends where the case is being transferred to. If its NBC (Missouri Service Center) - then it’s being transferred to schedule an interview. If it’s transferred to any other service center - then it’s to balance out the workloads of that particular service center.
  9. My green card expired on May 13th. I applied for I751 to remove conditions in March and received an extension letter. I had a short trip to Europe from May 2nd to May 6th. I had my extension letter with me (just in case) but the only question the officer at the airport asked - what was the duration of my trip, and what was the purpose of my trip. These are totally normal questions at the border patrol. He just stamped my passport and never asked about anything else. Prior to getting to the officer I was able to scan my green card at the self service machine where they take your photo and print a “receipt” without any issues. Your husband will be fine - As long as he is back in the US BEFORE the expiration of his conditional green card. Safe travels!
  10. Usually within two weeks after they receive it. Keep checking your bank transactions (assuming you paid the application fee with a check) - if they deposit your check - that means the application is properly submitted and accepted and - you’ll get Notice of Action in the form of extension of your permanent residency for 18months. I personally know 2 cases where USCIS received the I-751 form and returned it to sender (WITHOUT DEPOSITING THE CHECK) because there were minor errors and they had to re-do the application and re-send it to USCIS again.
  11. Send copies of both of your State issued ID cards showing the same address. If you haven’t done it already - add your spouse as an authorized user on any of your credit cards and send them copies of those cards showing the same number. If you’ve traveled OUTSIDE the US together - make copies of both of your passport pages showing airport stamps. If you saved the boarding passes or ticket confirmations showing both your names in the same itinerary - print that too.
  12. No, it’s a bad idea. DO NOT FILE in June! Wait until July 12th and file then. And don’t worry about overseas travel in December - if you file in July or August - you’ll get Notice Of Action letter within 2 months and that letter automatically extends your green card for another year. You’ll be able to travel overseas with an expired green card and that letter without any issues. Good luck!
  13. I’m in the same boat as you. I filed in Vermont in March 2018, had my biometrics done on May 25th, 2018. They transferred my case to Texas on March 13th, 2019. And I’m still awaiting for any action on their part. I have an extension letter that is valid until November 2019. Hopefully they’ll get to my case sometime in June! keeping my fingers crossed...
  14. Simply put - we’ll get our approvals EXACTLY one year from the date that our biometrics were taken. Regardless if the case was transferred to Texas or remained in Vermont. Of course there are exceptions to this rule - but GENERALLY this is how it’s going to happen from now on. Patience is a virtue. So no need to panic
  15. How much was the fine? even when they run a background check on you and it shows up - they’ll see that it happened AFTER filing ROC petition. So it’s not like you were trying to hide it from them. So you should be fine.
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