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  1. The embassy is not open, but the call center (USTRAVELDOCS) was open today per usual.
  2. Ya I can see where you are coming from. It's too bad that we are doing this the right way and simple judgment of error or lack of knowledge can ruin the whole thing. But they have our passports and that is definitely a good sign methinks!
  3. I didn't realize that there could potentially be CO's who didn't have "authority".Logically , they know what type of visa we are there to interview for, so I imagine that whoever we go to knows and has has the "authority' to interview us and make the appropriate decision?? Anyway we can just speculate I guess. Hopefully, next week will be a good one for all of us!
  4. I had a male CO and a very rude and impatient one at that. He spoke to me for 10 seconds and just asked who was the petitioner and where he lived-that's it. Seems like he was ready to handover the 221g slip irrespective of what I said. Have traveled to the US multiple times and not once have I had a bad experience at the consulate so this one was hard to digest.
  5. Haha I feel ya---I know I say I need a break, but I am not sure I believe myself
  6. Sending good vibes your way. Came this far, we got this! I know the consulate is closed tomorrow for Good Friday so at least it will be a break from incessantly checking the status. Good luck!
  7. My passport reached the consulate on April 9th and the case was updated on that day to reflect administrative processing. Radio silence since. You think they have made us wait enough but apparently not. I was pretty thrilled that they asked for my passport in 3 days of submitting documents so I allowed myself to get a bit too excited. Oh well!
  8. I submitted my additional documents on April 2nd and received a letter asking for my passport on April 5th. I don't believe the status changes from AP until you send in the passport because that is when it can technically move forward from the "Administrative processing" phase. Good luck!
  9. AAAA27

    Notification to book K1 Interview - Mumbai Consulate

    Was able to move up my appointment just a little while ago. Please check if you can too.
  10. AAAA27

    Notification to book K1 Interview - Mumbai Consulate

    Yupp I will do that! Thanks and good luck!
  11. AAAA27

    Notification to book K1 Interview - Mumbai Consulate

    There is no such requirement, you can do the medical as soon as you have the "appointment letter" from NVC, basically telling you that the case is forwarded to the local consulate. I have May 9th until something opens up earlier.
  12. AAAA27

    Notification to book K1 Interview - Mumbai Consulate

    My case status is ready and I am done with the medical and biometric so just waiting to be done with the interview asap. I did both the medical and biometric at Chennai. The part about checking availability 3 times a day is not accurate-it does lock you out at some point but certainly not at 3 attempts since I login more than that to check. Good luck to everyone. This virtual community keeps me sane
  13. AAAA27

    No Visa interview date available In Mumbai

    Thanks for the response Have May 9th at the moment---I guess that's better than nothing but was hoping to get something sooner. Was just trying to understand if perhaps they open up dates at certain points, some pattern to it.
  14. AAAA27

    Notification to book K1 Interview - Mumbai Consulate

    Hello, I am trying to book my K1 visa interview in Mumbai but right now it only shows one day in May---that cannot be accurate. Anyone have any idea if dates are released in any particular pattern? Do you just keep checking? Thank You