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  1. EAD/AP approved right before thanksgiving and approval notice received today. Waiting for interview to be scheduled but not worried about it since at least the EAD is done. Good luck everyone. Have a great holiday season!
  2. Nice to see movement on all your cases---a little jealous (not gonna lie) but happy too :) Stone clod silence from the Montgomery office. Maybe someday they will think of us and perhaps the EAD will progress too.
  3. How does one request an expedite please? I could not find that information online.
  4. June 2019 filer and our status changed to Ready to be scheduled on September 10th. Now begins the fun wait! I am in Montgomery, AL so I assume that is where the office is, but with the redistribution it could also be Atlanta. Either way, I am settling down and finding new shows to watch cause this might take a while Good luck everyone.
  5. Completely untrue...I got in to the DEERS system , got an ID, have benefits etc. Unfortunately, as with every branch of government. not everyone is well educated on the types of visas and it's intent-I just needed to provide my marriage certificate and a couple of calls later( to the right people), I was in the system and good to go.
  6. This is a bit of an exaggeration- You can most certainly get a DL here-I got mine for 1 year , you just need to show proof that you have filed for AOS so your NOA is proof of that. There are lots of volunteering opportunities to keep yourself occupied and most importantly, you can embrace the fact that you get to be together! Enjoy the phase- work will be there for the rest of your life!
  7. Yes--It will have the worksheet with the list of vaccinations on it.
  8. I didn't get mine at POE but was able to email the hospital and quickly get a copy. Don't fret the small details, it;s finally time to enjoy the fact that you and your fiancé can finally be together It's a wonderful feeling!
  9. It was a breeze at Boston- Was not asked anything and just stamped with the 90 day date on my passport and was on my way in less than a minute.
  10. @ujones Apologies for the late reply. Congrats on the visa!!!! Finally done with this part! Have a question for anyone that can help----I understand that I don't need to go through a medical test again since it is within 1 year--but to confirm, I would a civil surgeon to still certify and mail in the I-693 along with the adjustment packet? I also did not receive a copy of medical since it was mailed and had to be given to the USCIS directly---I have emailed the hospital to get the records. Is that enough to send in? Thanks!
  11. So close!!! I got mine on the 2nd business day after it was issued. I definitely recommend a congressional inquiry for the folks that have not yet tried that route--ours moved at lightening speed(relatively) after that and I don't think it was coincidental at all.Good luck to the folks that are waiting!
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