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  1. So with having to file our tax return paper this year, I don't think I'm going to have my tax return back in time to be able to send it on the RFE. So now at this point, do you think they will accept just my W-2, letter of employment, bank statements and pay stubs as proof of current income? Keeping in mind 2020 was a little under. Should I not send any tax returns at all this go around since I'm sending the one W-2? For my total income, do I go based on what is on my W-2 for last year, or what it will be this year based on the letter from my employer? I made a little over 38,000 for a family of three last year but will make 42,000 this year. I'm praying that's enough for them. It's so frustrating because I sent everything that showed my current income and I filled out everything correctly on the form, I claimed 3 for my household size which is my spouse, myself and my son. Maybe I sent too many documents? I sent three years of tax returns plus the W-2's. Maybe if I make it more simple they will approve it? The ONLY thing I can think of that might not have been wrong is I put 42,000 as my current income, instead of what I had made to date when we sent in the form that would have caused them to kick it back. They didn't state that we had done anything wrong, just that my income wasn't sufficient and for 2020 it wasn't, so I get that part, but current is well over the threshold.
  2. Okay, so we got an RFE for the I-864. My income last year was slightly under the threshold, but this year will be well over. I submitted paystubs for the entire year, I submitted a document that shows I get 42,000 salary. What else do I need to do to get them to realize I make enough? The only thing I couldn't submit was a letter from my employer because they only verify things via Fax. The only other thing i can think of is I had to cross out things on the household number because it auto fills, but I wrote in 3 for our household size. What am I doing wrong? I submitted a completely and full i-864 Three years of tax returns, last years was a little under, the previous two years were over. I submitted Paystubs up until October. I submitted a document from my payroll site showing my current income. What else are they wanting? I literally have no one to be a sponsor, I make more money than everyone else. The only other thing I know to do is add my mom as a household member and put her income on it, which is only about 14,000 but I don't know if that's going to make things worse. Please help... pretty scared right now.
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