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  1. i am confused.. which one gives the most accurate info please advice!!!
  2. Wild guess... maybe it is mentioned that you two went to school together somewhere?
  3. Did you include his passport or travel document in the file? There might be stamp entering and leaving Venezuela on passport somewhere. Another thing you could do is ask friends and family to write statements for you, same thing as the letter of intent you and your fiance submitted. here is an article i found https://www.visatutor.com/witness-affidavits-help-k-1-visa-cases-red-flags/
  4. What about train ticket or tickets for theme park and other tourist spot you two visit together? Have you two travel together? you may ask hotel for invoice if you didnt keep the original copy. Most hotels keep record for 2 years
  5. I finally got my NOA1 today... my question is, we gather all documents last August and to be filed in November ( due to the lawyer drama, it was left untouched and was never filed until 2 weeks ago if anyone remember ). would police check and back ground check documents be expired? do i need to apply again for just in case? i used to live in Australia and that policy check took 2 months to be complete... i would need to apply in advance if USCIS need a fresh one...
  6. NOA1 letter came today. Everything is slow in Hawaii i guess..
  7. Not really. The legal assistant found the “missing document”. my fiancé then requested her to mail our application right away
  8. your question is my question. but due to time difference, it is hard for me to keep track on the lawyer's work. Before i know it, my fiance had made them mail the application. not sure if we are able to ask for a refund at this stage... look on the bright side, i now have a chance to complete my timeline after i get my NOA1... Well ..after the legal assistant figure out what it is....
  9. they are the worst. i am going to review them on Yelp! for sure...
  10. There is no word to describe my feeling now really. I am trying to make sure them mail out my application asap and get a compensation as well... on that note. i asked for NOA1 letter at first. and they replied, what is NOA1? after i explained to the legal assistant, she then told me she has not file our case yet...
  11. I cannot believe either. she got back to me and said she found the document she has been waiting for since November. we have turned in all this time...
  12. So ... Here it is, just might be the worst news ever on VJ history the lawyer have not submit our petition yet. Said there are some missing documents from my fiance, and yet, no one ever contacted us for it since last November when they happily charge us for the whole process.
  13. I feel your pain... not sure how our lawyer could help if drama actually happen in our case...
  14. I did had my fiance ask for a copy back in January. but i dont think he knows what i was asking for... he knows literally nothing about the process. that is why he hired the lawyer. i will do it myself from now on...
  15. I am so going to speak to the lawyer myself now since you mention about a copy of NOA1 letter... Our lawyer is recommended by a friend. Maybe she was helpful with their case