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  1. Due to covid every office is putting up a safety measure. Thus the reason for the letter stating My wife and daughter got their biometrics done last week. Me and my toddler wasn't part of the petition, but we went in with them. We had no one to baby sit and i couldn't stay in the car with the toddler. There was no complaints. All went well. We are looking forward to an upcoming interview. Safe to say Go with the babies. Pray this helps. Goodluck to everyone in this process.
  2. Hello amy, This situation can be nerve wrecking..My Sister in law just went through that..Its a new process they do at the embassies now. Once they print out the visa u will be fine.Good luck.
  3. Everything looks great. Except for the i130.. Remember to include your most recent Tax Transcript..received an RFE and haven't heard from them since they received the rfe. GoodLuck
  4. Ok, got it now.. since its two forms and different payments .i will say you are allowed to add another G-1450 form for the i130..
  5. Hi @Ditte,i think you will get a better answer if your question is well phrased? Are you filling for adjustment of status after a k1 visa? Or what are you trying to do. If its AOS after K1 visa..All you need to pay for on the G-1450 form is the AOS $1140...and the other forms are free..the I130 form is not needed in this case. N.B:- responding from the little i could make from your post. Stay Blessed and good luck
  6. @Nde & A @Luckycuds Got the right response to your question. Its all about the waiting game now. Wishing you guys the best.
  7. In the part 2 application i had all of the above u mentioned, I944 and I864. I think my mistake was being fast to respond without the new I797 from my wife's AOS. i received it about 3weeks after the rejected that of my child. Thank you.
  8. Thank you very much exactly my thought. It took them a long time to send out the I797 for the K1 after it was accepted. I'll put the paper together today and mail out tomorrow. I already made a copy of the Recent I797. My next question is, can i add the new I797 to the package and resend or reprint all new forms? I appreciate the clarification. Thanks
  9. @Luckycuds I am doing AOS FOR Fiance and child. forms I-130, I-140 and I-360? are not part of the documentations. ok i will try to upload it now. Thank u
  10. Greetings to All, I mailed out the AOS for my K1(Wife) and K2(Child) sometime in May and That of my Wife was accepted and that of My child was rejected due to no Affidavit of support. I had one copy of the affidavit of Support for both. So that of my child was rejected. I resubmitted the k2(child) AOS in june and i had every piece of paper work to the best of my knowledge. Unfortunately i just received a rejection again. The Notice states Provide forms I-130,I-140,I-360, Copy of I-797. I did include a copy o NOA2 I-797 from the K1 Approval. At this point i dont know if they need the I797 from the accepted AOS from my wife or the I797 from the k1&k2 Also incase i get the actual document , can i resend the package as received with the additional document or reprint the whole package all over. I will appreciate any help at this point. Thanks
  11. Hello, this whole process is somewhat overwhelming. Our petition was rejected on the basis there was an issue with the signature for my daughter who is 5. I did sign as preparer and it was rejected. And as the letter states. As parent , you are eligible to sign for your child who is 14 and below in the signature box and not as preparer. So this time around i signed in the main box but made another mistake of filing just one I864. I thought it will be for both wife and daughter since filing at same time. Haven't heard from them since 2weeks ago. Our fingers are crossed while waiting.
  12. Hello, this whole process is definitely a nightmare.Its so hard to understand what uscis actually wants. Sorry you are going through this. I just mailed out my wife and daughter, same way you did. With just one I864. I guess they will reject my daughter's application too. How old is your daughter? Our daughter is 5.(the reason why we thought just one I864 is better) I made some findings and many people suggested if filing together. Its ok to have just one i864. Stay strong. We all will get through this one day.
  13. Thank you very much. I did just that now. She is added to the household size..Thank u again i appreciate.
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