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  1. Anyone recently DQ for MUM embassy?
  2. maybe that is the beginning of MUM releasing dates for September. Hopefully we will hear something soon!
  3. anyone waiting past 90 days for mumbai attempted a expedite due to long wait times? anyone waiting since April heard anything? There has to be MUM applicants have been waiting for over 100 days at this point in the CR1/IR1 category.
  4. i called NVC and they said that there is no time frame for response to expedite.
  5. did you guys notice not many people from MUM got CC complete in July. I wonder if they are slowing down the process at the NVC approval stage, due to the back log.
  6. IF they process the end April and may in august. June in September & July in October. Skeptically speaking.. seems unlike if they do the half months then i would assume that the end of April's and half of may would be in August for September.
  7. @The Rock ll To be honest with you. Im considering that they may not even make it to my date which is the 14th of may. So i cant even estimate when June will hear something
  8. i am curious how they uphold the 60-90 wait time. As we have a few April 29 people for mumbai that are coming up on their 90 days soon.
  9. ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED AT THE NUMBER OF F2A IL letters.. I HOPE THAT CATEGORY CLOSES REALLY SOON.. its absolutely unfair to the US CITIZEN that have been waiting.
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