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  1. Congratulations!!!! Still nothing for us, but we are waiting! So happy for you and your kids!!!!
  2. No IL yet. Still waiting. Hoping next week. Seems like every week I’m hoping next week. So who knows
  3. HAHAHA! true we will go with drizzle.. storm.. windy... i could care less of the adjective... i just want the dam IL hahah.
  4. Thank god for some movement for mumbai! now just waiting for it to RAIN IL for May Applicants.
  5. I know it’s hard I’ve been waiting for 9 almost close to 10 weeks for a IL. I’ll be praying for you. Believe me ranting is OK! I can relate. Actually every person waiting for the Mumbai embassy understands your pain.
  6. Yup! I just read that too even the visa wait time in the website said 18 days for student visa. Schools will start in August so hopefully those would have been done by now. Now the dam f2a category is causing problematical
  7. Some times when you log back in a couple hours later new dates pop up. I’m not sure maybe a system error
  8. This usually changes a lot! If you login in a couple more hours it should update with even more appointments
  9. Hey guys let’s not give up. Just like someone said earlier. It ain’t over till it’s over. Somethings gotta move in the next couple weeks. I’m strongly hoping this week. Positive thoughts and prayers are what’s gonna get us through this. As frustrating as this time is waiting for a interview. Imagine the wait during your I-130. Atleast at his time. Everything is approved and out of our hands. Let’s just be happy that we are at this stage. Don’t get me wrong I will be posting in like 10 minutes how irritated I am with NVC and this entire process. But a bit of gratitude goes a long way. Just a thought
  10. I was waiting till next week as well before we make a decision. by next week if we dont hear then we are in it for the long haul . we are in the same boat. debating weather to just bit the buck or wait it out. flights are starting to cheaper and we are considering it as well.
  11. exactly i mean someone should have received something. i mean its not over till its over, so hopefully we will hear something soon. But if they are the FB category remains current and they will prioritize them through September. Then its a possibility we wont hear anything until sept for oct dates.
  12. Its just so frustrating and confusing! I dont know what else to do but wait. Hopefully we hear something soon. Its very unlikely that noone from this form has had movement for the past few months.
  13. No answer from them. Just generic, we don’t have embassy specific information
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