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  1. Oh amazing!! Good to know! We must have gone back and forth 100 times on which country to put lol!
  2. Hey everyone!! So happy to have found this thread. My boyfriend is from the UK, but is currently living in the Netherlands, so we picked our local embassy office to be in Amsterdam! Sent in the I-129F on June 17th and received the NOA1 on June 24th
  3. So the issue is that his apartment he just pays his roommate, his roommate is the only one with the name on the lease and since the UK is still part of the EU he has the right to travel/work wherever, so I don't think his job is actually sponsoring him per se, but he does get bills sent to his apartment, holds a dutch bank account, has a BSN (like our SSN) and does have a job there (I'm sure his boss would do an affidavit if needed), but I'm not sure if that is enough to prove legal residency.
  4. Oh awesome thank you! Sorry I thought the Hague was where they do it, but good info to know!
  5. Hey guys! Quick question on the K1 page 8 section 2 number 62a&b consular processing information, my boyfriend has a UK passport, born in the UK but he has been living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for the last three years. He has a job, pays taxes, lives in a flat, has a BSN etc. Is this enough to get jurisdiction for The Hague processing center? Or is the safer to go to London? Anyone else have a similar experience? Thanks!
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