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  1. Hello Najim, My case is also administrative processing at US Embassy Dhaka.What is your update case status? Could you reply me please.
  2. May God save us. My case status also same situation.AP to Refused.I am Waiting for good news.
  3. Hey Alam!

    What's your interview Result? My spouse had interview last month.They did not issued visa.We are waiting.How about your case?

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    2. Mahfuz


      I think isn't  big issue.So par i know if you submit those  documents they  will issue visa within couple of days.

      My question:

      Didn't  they keep the passport? 

    3. NurAAlam


      We submitted the missing document today and the passport with it. They said they will email us when it's ready. Did you had to submit additional documents? Did they tell you why the delay?

    4. NurAAlam


      Sorry about late. Reply you can text at 206-771-3839 if you want. I go by Nur

  4. Hey My wife interview was last week and now the case status AP. How about your wife case status right now? How long took solve the AP? Please reply me.
  5. Oh my God! 14 months still pending? What was their requirement?

    My spouse interview  was Last week of this months  at US Embassy Dhaka and right now case status is Administrative processing .

    I see your Spouse case status  was also  Administrative processing.

    Did you email or contact with   embassy before getting the VISA?

    How long it was took  solve the problem?

    Please give me reply.




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    2. suhridkhan


      Don't worry too much if your marriage is genuine. Administrative processing is quite common these days. 

      If they didn't ask for any further proof or documents, I think it's good news. Keep sending them an email inquiry every few weeks.


      There is nothing really you can do, except just pray and hope for the best.

      InshaAllah you shall get approved soon.

    3. Mahfuz


      Thanks for  your  wishes.Allah knows well. 

      After 22 days they updated my case twice.I don't know what does update meaning?

      Are they working on it? What you think?


    4. suhridkhan


      I think this is good news. But, nothing's absolute until you get a change is case status. 

      Be patient.

  7. Hey My spouse interview date was Last week of this months at US Embassy Dhaka and right now case status is Administrative processing . I see your Spouse case status was also Administrative processing. When did case your problem was solve? How long it was took solve the problem? Please give me reply.
  8. Congratulations!!!!

    1. naz94


      Thank you! And best of luck to you. 

  9. DQ June10,2019 .(US Embassy Dhaka )Received interview schedule for October 24
  10. Mahfuz

    I did received today for october24

    1. sonet


      when did your case completed? my case completed on may 25th, still no interview date from embassy....

  11. Finally, We understand( DHK  Embassy ) they're   not   sleeping. Thank you kmlh .Thanks for  great news!

  12. My PD is also Sep 2018 and CC on May16,2019.I think we are on the same boat.

    1. naz94


      Yea. Did you receive anything yet?

    2. Mahfuz


      Not yet. I did submit all of  documents May15 and CC and received "Notice regarding your Immigrant Visa Case becoming Documentarily Qualified" on May 16.But still waiting  for IL.

  13. Hey Naz

    I think you will receive interview date very soon.By the way  I want to know one thing about  DS-260 there are a question "Do you have  documentation to establish that you  have received  vaccinations in accordance with U S Law?" What is the right answer yes or No.

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    2. naz94


      @Pavel1982 they mean prior to doing your medical examination. If the beneficiary has vaccination documents then the examiner can omit certain vaccinations because it was administered prior. If you do not then the medical examiner will give the beneficiary the proper vaccinations needed based on age.

    3. Pavel1982


      @ naz94,   it's a grey area . It depends on how you interpreted the question. I would say both yes or no..right answer. You got CC with answering NO and I got CC with answering Yes. They only check proof of vaccination (which are included in medical report) during interview not before that

    4. naz94


      @Pavel1982 right exactly. The proof of vaccinations is so the medical examiner knows what vaccinations are needed or not during the time of the examination. Best of luck regardless. 

  14. Hey  Fa!

    How  they send to you interview card ? Did you received interview card by mail or email?

  15. Hey Naz!
    I received an email from NVC  asking for AOS and IV  fees but they didn't ask for  DS-261 (Choose an Agent).When did you received DS-261 information.By the way I already paid all my fees .

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