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  1. Yes, he does. I have been asked to submit a copy of my children birth certificates. He has a story behind the situation and I think it will be wise to consult an immigration lawyer.
  2. Submit only documents requested from you. Take any documents you feel helpful with you to the interview and use them only if needed.
  3. It is an easy form and there is also an instruction booklet in USCIS page you can use whenever you are not sure of any question. Good luck
  4. I have quoted you USCIS that every citizen has to use US passport in and out. The airline submits your details to USCIS when you leave. Note that I-94 would register all your exits and entries from the information they get from airlines. https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home
  5. That was my understanding of FAFSA rules but somebody commented that this is not true, so I would suggest that you call FAFSA to get an official opinion. Good luck
  6. U.S. nationals, including dual nationals, must use a U.S. passport to enter and leave the United States https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/travel-legal-considerations/Advice-about-Possible-Loss-of-US-Nationality-Dual-Nationality/Dual-Nationality.html
  7. Apologies, this was my understanding that it should be part of a US school program. I would appreciate more info.
  8. No. You should not leave or enter US with a passport other than your American passport. If you have an emergency, you can find the requirements for getting one immediately at the website of the Department of State
  9. Well, First: you cannot finance your overseas study from FAFSA unless it is part of your US college program like a study abroad for one term. Second: your study outside US may indicate your abandonment of your US residency and you should be careful not to stay away for more than 6 months at one time.
  10. yes, you have to answer "YES" no matter what the fine is because the question is asking if you have ever been cited. The fine is another issue, If fine is less than $500, then you don't have to provide documents. However, I advice you to provide payment receipt or to take it with you to interview.
  11. I was in a similar situation and consulted 2 lawyers and both said that I have a slim chance to be approved because I was working outside the US during my absence for 9 months. I told them that I kept a residence, family, bank account, and credit cards in the US during my absence, but their opinion was based on the fact that I was working outside the US. Therefore, I decided to wait until I complete 5 years from the date of my return to the US. However, If you don't mind the application fee, then it is worth trying, but If you do not want to pay the fee again in case you are denied the first time then just wait.
  12. Yes, you still have to mention to be in the safe side. They are less than $500 but the instructions of N 400 says that if you have citation you should answer "Yes". I think it will be good for you to write an explanation why you did not select "Yes" in the form and that the minute you knew, you decided to explain this and mention all tickets and what you did about them. If you have receipts, attach them as well. I have read various situations with traffic tickets, and found that different officers have different reactions about tickets. Better do what you have to do and be in the safe side. If you are worried, ask a lawyer. There are many online sites that answer legal questions with no charge, or look for an organization in your community that helps immigrants with legal issues and preparation for naturalization free of charge.
  13. you should've mentioned tickets by selecting "Yes" for the question asking if you have been arrested or cited because traffic tickets are citations and you would be provided space to explain and you would write that you had speeding tickets and that you paid all your fines. Anyway, I would suggest if you have any ticket that exceeded $500 to log into your USCIS account and add an attachment explaing that you did not know speeding tickets should be reported and mention all tickets and payments and attach copies of receipts. If all your tickets were below $500 you may mention them during the interview or you can do what I suggested above. In all cases take your tickets and receipts of payments with you to the interview, I hope everybody reads and follows the instructions found in USCIS site when preparing application. GOOD LUCK
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