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  1. If you have been in the US for 5 years since you got your green card (look at the date on the card), then you can apply. Actually this is easier even if you are still married because it has less requirements and less documentation. Good luck.
  2. Thank you so much. I hope you get a biometrics appointment or reuse soon. Good luck.
  3. Yes, I have applied beginning of May 2020 and got biometrics appointment only few days ago. I have seen many people in the same situation. It looks like that people applied during the closure have more wait time than others even those who applied later.
  4. I have just checked my account and found same exact blue banner with same estimate 13 months even though I am in a different office(Virginia)!! Do they mean 13 months from filing time? This is only few days away, or do they mean 13 months from now? I hope not.
  5. Yes, actually if you are filing online, then you will be notified to fill all gaps.
  6. I have also applied in May and nothing yet. What is your office? I am in fairfax VA
  7. Is there any May filer who has not received biometrics appointment yet?
  8. I filed more than 11 months ago and nothing came up yet. I don't know what you mean bu "about 10 ago". If you mean 10days ago, then yes, there was a change in the USCIS page and it shows what your next step is. I just checked now and found that my account page is back to the old one.
  9. That does not apply to him because he is going in vacation and coming back to the same county. My idea was if he files and waits for biometrics before going in his vacation, he may wait for a long time because of the delays in biometrics in some offices; therefore it might be a good idea to go in vacation and files when he comes back. This has nothing to do with the three months requirement.
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