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  1. Hello Friends I have submitted my mother's immigrant visa application. I have received an email asking for marriage certificate because the one I sent was not what was required. Now I got the right document but do not know how to send it. Please help with the way I use to send it or the link I should use. Thank you
  2. It is almost a year since the approval of I-130 and starting working on DS260, and I am still missing police record from Germany. I have two questions: 1. Is there time deadline for submitting Ds260? 2. My mother is outside Germany, how do I get the police record. Communication with the German Embassy is very difficult and I could not find the application to fill out and notarize signature at Embassy. If you have been in this situation, please advise. Thank you
  3. Hello friends In application DS 260 for immigrant visa, there is a question in the section of work, education, and training asking about the travel in the last five years. Does that include tourism travel for a week or two, NO work, education, or training involved?
  4. Hello friends and thank you for being of a great help for me during the last few years. I am doing the visa application for my parent (DS-260), however, I am facing a problem in the part of listing places my parent lived in since the age of 16. I complete this part, but when I try to save and go to next part, the page disappear and I get a message that this page cannot be reached. I have tried 4 times with same results. I would like to know if somebody faced this situation and how to solve it.
  5. Hello I am really grateful for forum members for helping me in previous steps of I-130. I have submitted the affidavit form and financial documents, and I paid the fee of the visa application by mistake and noticed that I could start doing the D-260. I have 2 questions: First: Is it ok to start and submit the Ds-260 before approval sent from NVC to the embassy? and before I get an appointment for my principle immigrant? Second: How long does it take NVC to send documents to the embassy? Thank you
  6. The country is Yemen, and the embassy in Djebouti.
  7. Hello I have a friend 2023 DV winner, and has not received an appointment yet even though his number is under 5000. What actions he can do to get an appointment? Please advise and let's know of any experience with similar situation.
  8. Thank you, I hav sent an inquiry. Thank you for the information.
  9. Hello everyone My parent application was approved and sent to NVC more about two months ago. I have not heard anything yet. How long it takes the NVC to contact me?
  10. Hello Now that the I-130 approval has been sent to the NVC, and will be forwarded to US Embassy. What are the requirements for the visa especially the police records from all countries where parent has lived in. Please as many details as possible. thank you all
  11. Hello My parent I-130 was approved last month, and I received the notice of action that petition was sent to NVC for further action. I would like to know if I can track the status of my petition at the NVC. My parent does not have an email, and I am not sure if the NVC is going to inform me of next step, or just inform my parent by mail. There is a good possibility of mail loss in the country where my parent lives. Please, if you have any idea or experience how the procedure goes, or how can I stay informed about the next step, let me know. Thank you all
  12. Hello I have a friend who filed for asylum 8 years ago, and have never had any interview or reply from USCIS. He renews his permit regularly, but no news about his case! Does anybody have a case like this or knows information about processing time of asylum cases. Appreciate your replies.
  13. Hello Friends I have several questions about travelling outside the US for a TPS person; - Is there a way to speed up the process of I-131? - How long does it take for I-131 approval? - Did anybody with travel document and TPS have problem re-entering the US coming back from his travel within the allowed time? Thank you
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