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  1. Hello I have a friend who filed for asylum 8 years ago, and have never had any interview or reply from USCIS. He renews his permit regularly, but no news about his case! Does anybody have a case like this or knows information about processing time of asylum cases. Appreciate your replies.
  2. Hello Friends I have several questions about travelling outside the US for a TPS person; - Is there a way to speed up the process of I-131? - How long does it take for I-131 approval? - Did anybody with travel document and TPS have problem re-entering the US coming back from his travel within the allowed time? Thank you
  3. Hello everyone I have a question for filing I-130 for a parent. I did that few months ago, and I am reading some posts about sponsorship. Could somebody tell me if I need to submit anything other than I-130, or explain in few sentences the procesure and requirement of bringing a parent of American citize. Thank you
  4. Do you mean the tourist visa application fee in case visa is not granted? But this does not affect I-130.
  5. So, do you think that applying for a tourist visa will hurt I-130 in any way?
  6. Hello How long does the change of status application takes for winners who are already in US?
  7. Hello I have submitted I-130 for my parent recently, but I am wondering if she can apply for a visit visa while waiting for her I-130? And does that hurt in any way? Thank you for your informed response.
  8. Hello After the approval f I-130 for my father, what are the documents required for his visa? like birth certificate, ...etc. Thank you
  9. I was naturalized few weeks ago, and I have some questions about petitioning for a parent and a sibling. 1. Is there any difference in processing time to get approval for a parent or a sibling, i.e. does it take longer to bring an adult sibling than to bring a father? 2. Does petitioning for both at the same time make it harder to get approvals. 3. What is the income requirement of petitioner to be able to bring both father and brother? 4. Finally, from your own experience, how long it takes to bring a parent and how long it takes to bring a brother? I appreciate your kind advices.
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