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  1. Just came across your profile and your blog post. Read it start to finish - wow! Thank you very much. So so so useful. 

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    2. Agie3105


      Fingers crossed for good news very soon! 😊 So I haven't actually changed my name on the passport because I didn't know I could (silly me), so I was sure to advise others not to make the same mistake haha. I'll now wait until the time when I have to apply to take the condition off my green card, to save money. But to answer your question, yes, you'd need a new ESTA. One better though - if you travel to the US often, invest $100 into global entry registration - you'll fly through customs! 😊 

    3. Samantha & Rad

      Samantha & Rad

      Ah ok! Sorry about that - but thanks for sharing the top tip with us! Hope it doesn't make too much difference for you. God yeah, anything to get through those horrid US customs lines quicker. Dulles is horrendous! Another amazing tip, thank you so much!!
      Also my meeting to marriage timeline was bang on the same as yours :) when you know, you know ;) 

    4. Ben Murphy

      Ben Murphy

      It’s exciting hearing about everyone’s visa journeys! 😆 but also makes me jealous because everyone is progressing with theirs and we are yet to submit the petition! Just wanna get it done and get the ball rolling now!😬

      I've actually not found customs to problematic in recent years! No one ever there when I get there, although I always get early flights. The first time I travelled out there it was before the self scanning things, I was in the queue or over an hour and ended up missing my connection! But much better now with the self service things, otherwise I’d definitely do the global entry, for sure.

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