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  1. You should join a whatsapp group for People of AP . if you want to you can send me your number and i will ask admin to add you in this group . so we can discuss about that on whatsapp.
  2. well did CO told you to send picture through courier or ask you to upload them on CEAC as well. because i made this mistake they ask me for same documents and i send them through courier next day and after 3 months my status change into ready but since feb 2 2020 my status still ready . And when i ask them why i m on ready status they reply me that because you have to upload pictures on CEAC . because sometime ready status means remaining documents.
  3. How long you are in AP? Did you provide them more pictures ? and how did you provide them your pictures ...i mean did you upload them on ceac or you just only send them through courier .?
  4. @Rkhan can you please tell that after interview your status was ready or it become ready after few months?
  5. Helo guys. My case is CR1 . interview was on 22nd nov 2019. Case went to Admin process. they ask proof of relationship more. 25 nov 2019 i submit proof. After 2.5 month . case status changed into Ready from Admin process. And now it almost 18 days my status stuck on Ready. If anyone else there can help me what is this mean? why they taking so long? And on READY status on the bottom why message show that my case is ready for interview . Because i already had interview . please anyone guied me .
  6. yes my status change into AP right after my interview . and on 221g slip i got from officer was only marked on matramonial relationship evidences. which i submitted right after 2 days of my interview. And status stay AP for 2.5 months . and it changed into ready on 2nd feb 2020. that mean i am in AP since 22nd nov 2019 my interview date.
  7. No i wan in AP last 2 month and status change into Ready on feb 2nd 2020 What kind of response . can you tell me please .
  8. I hope so. but its been 10 days and my status still shows Ready. even it got updated yesterday at 11th feb 2020 i dont know why status did not changed . hope will change to issued .
  9. Helow to everyone . please i need help. So my story is i have been in AP since last 2.5 months . On feb 2nd my case status change from Admin procces into ""Ready"" and till today 7th feb 2020 my case status still shows ready . Can someone please tell me what this Ready mean is.
  10. After how long they send you email that evidence you submitt they are insufficient? pleas tell me . And what evidences you submitted before.?
  11. i hope so because as i see people there . even 9 months 10 months and they still stuck in this AP
  12. Salam to All. so here is beautifull gift i recieved from CO on 22nd november 2019. i just dont understand why CO didnt mark 1st or 2nd option i just only got circle for relationship evidence. which i already did on 25th nov. because 23rd and 24th nov embassy was closed . So i just want to know why CO didnt tick mark on 1st or 2nd box in my 221g .? is that a good sing or bad one.
  13. Can you tell please after how long embassy send you this email and ask for last 15 years history . because mine interview was on 22 november. and till date today i got 6 updates . my 221g there was no tick mark on 1st or 2nd . just co ask me to submit more relationship evidence which i did next day tons of them. i am wonder why i dont get tick mark on 1st or 2nd . hope everything will be allright.
  14. Hi guys. So i have an issue with this passport track. every time when i was tracking my passport the status were "YOUR PASSPORT IS STILL WITH US EMBASSY/CONSULATE. so now since last 3 days it keep saying" THERE IS NO UPDATE AVAILABLE FOR THE PASSPORT NUMBER SUBBMITED. but on the other hand when i am checking visa status on CEAC i am getting date updates regurarly . i mean 5 updates in last three weeks since i came back from interview. so please anyone guied me what is goin on. i will be greatfull to this VJ comunity which is always very help full.
  15. Hi everyone . So i want to know that can i expedite my AP . because my wife father is not doing well he is too old to go even to hospital and just for work comitment my wife cant take care of him the way he need to be take care thats why she is so much fraustrated about that . and we were having conversation about that . And now she really want me to be their right next to her so atleast someone will be right next to him . because my wife lives with him and there is no one else there to help her out with this situation.please anyone guied us.
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