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  1. @CEE53147 Calling them now. Lets what they say.
  2. @Kevo she was told to submit additional documents after Interview so we gave them all the lease documents, utilities even her medical documents showing appointments at the Naval Hospital Jacksonville and I even gave them my orders, copy of my CAC but then they said since you file taxes in Ohio you are resident of Ohio so your N400 application is denied you can request a hearing but that cost $700 dollars and then you can chose to go in front of a District Court Judge. I will be talking to an RLSO and I plan to go to Office Of Senator Rubio but I feel so terrible that they flat out denied the application as opposed to asking for more documentation. Man I tell you Civilians treat us Military folks and our family like dirt. This was not how it used to be. Anyway, I file taxes in Ohio as I have a tax preparer there and my wife is a dependant (joined tax) so how will she file Florida tax if I am filing in Ohio. So she will file a separate tax in Florida? I guess my mistake was on our Tax documents we should have used Florida address instead of our house address in Ohio. The USCIS personnel was very rude with my wife.
  3. Please advise if you have faced similar situation. I am a US Navy Active Duty Orders to a Air Station in a different State. We have a house in our home state Ohio and we file all our taxes in our home state even though we have lived in Florida because of my orders for almost 3 years. We applied for her N400 Citizenship in Florida and gave our tax returns, etc and also lease of our apartment here in Florida. USCIS denied her application saying that her tax shows she is a resident of Ohio then why she is filing in Florida. We have been in Florida now almost three years and we have Lease/Utility bills everything to prove that we are staying in Florida but our home of record is Ohio hence the filing of Taxes in Ohio. So now that is denied we can request a hearing in front of an USCIS officer but that cost $700 and now I am to PCS to another state in a month. [1] So do we just forget this application and reapply when we are back in Ohio paying the fees again? [2] Can we attend the hearing and successfully prove that as a MIlitary we don't file taxes in every State we are stationed in?