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  1. Hi, i am new at this forum. i wanted to know regarding the visa bulletin dates, as they appear two. one is March 2018 and other is july 2017. what is the difference between these two. also wanted to know how long the whole process takes till the stamp for visa. My PD is feb 2019 California center F2A , ik its to early to ask, but just wana know how long the whole process takes and if some one can tell me in breaks like how long to get approved. once approved how long is the wait, and how long to getting the visa or embassy interview. i rely appreciate your help. thank you.
  2. Thank you for the reply. its such a long process, hope for the best, Good luck
  3. PD is Feb 2019 F2A visa California office just wanted to know that how long this process will take? how much time for uscis to approve and send it to visa center and then to interview till issues of visa. I know its to early to ask but just wanted to make my mind that how many years it take. Thank you.
  4. F2A visa PD is Feb 2019. center : California can anyone please tell me how long it takes to get through the USCIS? whats the apprx time line for F2A approval thank you
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