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  1. Thank you for the word of encouragement
  2. Okay thank let me wait for the NOA2 hope it will be approve soo soon
  3. So I should just hold on . Anyway the reason why am suggesting it is that to help speed up my I-130
  4. Greeting to the experts in the house please I want to ask is it advisable to ask my lawyer to file for I-129f now I have been waiting for my NOA2 for the 6th month. Thanks.
  5. Please how many months does it take for your to be approved
  6. I could have forwarded his timeline here but I don't know how to do that for confirmation
  7. Thanks for your response sir. But I saw someone timeline who his own was approved within 5 months + from nebraska center
  8. Expert in the forum I have been waiting for my NOA2 for the 5th month now am yet to receive my approval notice please can somebody tell me how long should I wait or what to do. I check there website almost on weekly basis. Thanks.
  9. Please  how many months does it take your  2nd NOA to be approved  up to your interview day


    1. Ivie & Eguagie

      Ivie & Eguagie

      Just saw your comment @Plsam You can check my time-line to see this information which you are asking for. 

  10. Please can you explain this I don't understand sir.
  11. Those that means other centre don't have backlog potomac centre is moving very fast
  12. Serious I think potomac is still the best centre
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