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  1. Please  how many months does it take your  2nd NOA to be approved  up to your interview day


    1. Ivie & Eguagie

      Ivie & Eguagie

      Just saw your comment @Plsam You can check my time-line to see this information which you are asking for. 

  2. Please can you explain this I don't understand sir.
  3. Those that means other centre don't have backlog potomac centre is moving very fast
  4. Serious I think potomac is still the best centre
  5. Good day expert in the house why is it that nebrask centre is too slow compire to other center their waiting period is now 11 -14month, instead of going forward it keep pushing backward.
  6. I can help you to do that is very simple if you are not around contact me to help you
  7. Okay thanks can one subject when it will be approve because am seeing some people that received NOA1 around Feb and March and by June they already received their NOA 2
  8. I received the NOA1 few months ago waiting for the NOA2 and my name is among the unapproved petition list
  9. I saw the list of some names on visajourney the 1st list says approved and the other says unapproved may they saying is yet to be approve
  10. Please House what is the meaning of (unapproved petition) those that means the petition have been rejected am confused.
  11. Okay thanks it's still okay if falls within that range 6-8 month
  12. The way people and the media are talking about it is scary hope is coming to be reality
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