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  1. Mine would either be NYC or Albany depending if NYC sends it their or not
  2. i thought it takes a year but by the looks of immigration timeline people are getting it 6 months atleast...so not sure
  3. By the looks of things the AOS decisions are taking about 5 months with the EAD cards taking longer.... If you get your green card can you work or do you have to have the EAD aswell?
  4. Can someone quickly explain AOS to me, we just got married so waiting for marriage certificcate to come back. Do you get your green card at the end of AOS? How long does it take to get authorization to work?
  5. But you do require a visa to come study in the us?
  6. Does anyone know can I study an online course? Currently on a k1 visa but we dont marry until july.
  7. What's needed for POE? Just passport and sealed envelope? Can I pack everything else?
  8. Whatttt lol Congratulations But I'm seriously jealous. Its crazy how they can vary so much
  9. I put the AA number. Do you know why it would go to application ready after my interview?
  10. Super helpful thank you! It's gone from ready to application recieved
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