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  1. Hey! Still waiting for the IL. I have no idea what they are upto 😔
  2. I am creating this new thread for all those who are waiting for their interview letters or interviews. Kindly update this thread with your respective CC or IL so that we know how much longer islamabad embassy awill take. Thank You! My case is IR/CR1 and Service centre is Texas Service centre.
  3. Same, waiting for IL, CC 1st July. Called NVC, they said they are done filing for august.
  4. Hey guys, If i go to US on visit visa, will it have an effect on my I 130 process?
  5. Hey! My PD is aug 15. Where can you see this info about aug 15 cases?
  6. Heyyyyy!! They touched your case, that is greattt. What was your PD?
  7. Oh God. I thought i was the only one affecting our relationship. Ah. Soon this phase will pass by and all of us will get our approvals. High hopes ✌
  8. Oh that's great. My PD is 15th august. And my husband is a US citizen.
  9. Hey! I am new here. Can you guys update me on the august filers? Really heart broken after looking at the TSC processing times
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