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  1. You are truly so helpful! I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. 1. Get PCC 2. Submit DS-260 3. Take care of the Affidavit I-864 3. Book appointments for Medical and Biometrics 4. Book Interview Appointment Am I missing anything here?
  2. So we can book the biometrics and medical exam at Hyderabad and the interview would need to be in Mumbai right? I tried to look at the available appointments but I keep getting "There are currently no appointments available". Is this normal or am I only getting this?
  3. Hi! We got our 1-130 approved after 7 weeks - much later than expected. Now next is the interview at the Consulate at Mumbai. How long is the ideal time to stay in Mumbai to finish all the processings? And how long does it take for the passport to be given back once taken after interview? Will it be posted to our address or we have to stay in Mumbai and pick it up once the visa is attached to the passport?
  4. Coming to showing proof of domicile and I haven't worked in the US - what should I do? I did my Bachelors and Masters in India and doing my first job here and my father is currently in the US and would be the joint sponsor. We planned to move to the US and look for jobs once the visa is approved and stay with my dad until then. Could we show proofs of my dad's residence there or is that even needed? You mentioned that the interviewer didn't need any proof of domicile - is that normal or you were just lucky?
  5. I have filed for I-130 Petition for my husband on May 1st and submitted the requested documents. The lady was Indian and she seemed nice and asked me for additional marriage proof, luckily for me, I had extra supporting documents. She did ask a few questions here and there to both of us and we responded accordingly and it was a pleasant, smooth discussion among the 3 of us. The lady took all the documents and the DD and said those are all that was needed from our end as of now. My husband flew from Europe (on there for work) especially for this I1-30 filing and has traveled back. Now what are the next steps? How will we be informed on the status/progress? Any idea on approximate wait times? Will my husband have to come back to Mumbai for next step or he can proceed at the embassy at his place at Europe?
  6. Thank you! And about EPF? Is that needed? Or any employer proof would work? I have proof that I am employed with a company here at India and the salary slips.
  7. Hey! Could you please tell me the exact steps for getting the DD for the I-130 filing for $535? I have my appointment booked from Infopass for May 1st - I am the petitioner and my husband is the beneficiary. Do I have to book an appointment via ustraveldocs.com/in as well? I have my appointment booked, all the documents that you mentioned in your checklist, my spouse with me - anything else that I would need? (DD pending based on your response) Greatly appreciate your help!
  8. Can we use 10th class certificate for date of birth reference?
  9. Hi! If my appointment for I-130 filing (DCF) is at 12 PM, when should my husband and I be at the USCIS office by?
  10. Are there any specification for the passport size photos (US template) or just normal passport size photos are required? Also- what if my husband and I never lived together since marriage (married in Feb ending and had to leave the country for work immediately)?
  11. Congratulations! One question I had was I've been hearing that they are planning to shut off the New Delhi USCIS Unit soon - is that true? Did you hear anything on those lines while processing for your spouse's US VISA?
  12. I thought it was only the petitioner who is the US citizen that needs to be aboard for atleast 6 months to be eligible for DCF - in case I have been living abroad (India) for the past 9 years almost. My husband is a Indian citizen working in Sweden and I have to file the I-130 for him. Does he need to be India for atleast 6 months also - but that would be his home country.
  13. Yes - my husband will move to the US as soon the green card/visa to enter the US comes in. I will move in earlier to the US. I just want to ensure that I don't need to stay in India (as I will file from there) during the entire process. I need some suggestions on how to go about filing taxes in the US now as I have never had any income there.
  14. And also is it true that I (the sponsor) would need to be present in India if I file from the New Delhi USCIS for I-130? I plan to apply for I-130 and then make a move to Sweden/US for jobs accordingly. I have not earned or filed taxes in the US till now - but my dad is a US Citizen and is currently working in Dallas now. Would that help in any way?
  15. Hi! How would I know if I qualify for DCF, and what is that exactly? I've been in India since 2010 till now and finished my undergrad, masters and working here as of now. Do I have to go to USCIS, New Delhi or can I just post it to the Chicago USCIS address (considering that is the default one). New Delhi, USCIS was saying that my husband and I should be present for the filing, but my husband (in Sweden now) and me in another city, would have to go to Delhi just for the process. Need to know if this processing can be done via post?
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