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  1. yes we are both at the physical location when we got married by proxy marriage, and stayed together for one and haft month.
  2. Yes I'm in Manila now., and I'm getting an interview in Manila. Does the US embassy here or USCIS don't have the same law in the US or other US embassy around the world? that they won't recognize my marriage even if its consummated and i have valid divorce paper. I'm trying to complete my CR1 and at the same time trying to void my marriage in the PH so that someday I can register my new marriage in the Philippine system.
  3. i do have entry and exit stamp in my passport but, he doesn't have a passport. His in THe US Army and he only use and show his ID and Military orders to get in and out of the country. In his Military orders it only says Proceed on or before June 10 2017 and not to exceed 270 days,. it doesnt show there when they got in and exit the country.
  4. even if we got married February 14 2018 and stayed together until April 1 2018 its like one and haft month, we consummate the marriage already right?
  5. Active US Military Services is an exemption on the minimum income requirements.His Paying the required Child support given by Court every month, its automatic cut off on his paycheck, and every tax return he gets every year it was sent to her ex-wife to cover child support arrears. he do lyft and uber every weekend and now he just started his own business LLC logistic. Military provide BAH and BAS and Tricare Insurance for the Family of the Active US military members , so all of this will prove that he can support and provide for me when I get to the US right?!
  6. he needed to leave Korea sooner than we expected and we are out of time because Korean marriage is such a long process and needed so much paperwork we know we won't be able to make it on time. So we decided to do proxy marriage, his in the military and its legal for military services to do proxy marriage .
  7. Im so happy to hear this from you, thank you very much.
  8. but after the marriage, we stayed together and live together for another month and then he fly back to the US and i Fly back home in the Philippines.
  9. sadly NO , he wanted to visit but his not allowed to get a passport because of his child support issue. i tried to get a tourist visa but i got denied, im already married and i need to have a job and properties. i dont have a job, he provide for me .
  10. Hi Everyone I need your insight/advice Please Help me, I'm a Filipina divorced from my Korean ex-husband in South Korea, After two years I got remarried to my Military Officer American Husband by Proxy married in Montana Texas. I got a Marriage Contract and License Legally registered in Montana Texas. But I was never been in the US because its a proxy marriage we did it when we were both living in South Korea. I also got my dependent military ID card and I'm also in all his paperwork like DD 93 Emergency Form Data death beneficiary, And Tricare Insurance., My Husband is back in the US now and I'm in the Philippines right now. We've been married for 1 year now and we are on completing paperwork for my spouse visa CR1 requirements to file to the USCI in the states by my husband this week. But we are very worried because I can't put my Husband and our marriage in the Philippine system yet because my previews married is not yet void, it's in the Philippine court now on processing divorce recognition and correction of marriage status, its a long process might take one to two years to be completed. My concern is I'm sure The immigration counsel will question me why I'm not using yet my American Husbands surname in all my paperwork., and might ask me to get a new passport using his Surname name but Right now its very impossible for me to get one because our marriage is not yet registered in the Philippines not yet till I get the court to void my previews marriage in the Philippine system. I'm using my Single name in all paperworks and ID's because i never used my ex husbands name before . Im sure they will also ask my Philippine Cenomar, and it still has my ex-husband name on that paperwork. Do you think all of this issue might delay or i might get deny with my CR1 visa? even if I have enough proof that my marriage is bonified and i have my divorce paper on my hands.I read in the internet that American law dont recognize Philippine law so as long as i have my divorce paper, am i good to go? Do you think its best and might help if we get an immigration Lawyer to process my CR1 Visa? Or just handle it without a Lawyer? I will be very grateful for all your Insight and advice. Thank You