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  1. Hi, any September 2019 CR1 filers group yet? I have started following this thread in the meantime.
  2. Please can you give me a guide on how to go about the letter of support. A sample will help me a lot. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the response. What was the procedure for you changing to your marriage name after your husband joined you and the cost. We are looking at changing it here in Ghana since the marriage is happening here and add all the supporting documents for married name change to I-130 or leaving it till I join her, which either ways there will still be a name change. What is the cost involved doing it in the state.
  4. I don't know whether this is the right place to ask this question or be moved to the right forum. After K1 denial, my fiancée (USC) will come down for us to have our wedding and file for CR1. I want to know whether having her name maiden name changed to her married name right after getting our marriage certificate before she goes back to the US to file the CR1 will be a good thing to do. We would have included affidavit of name change and a gazetted marriage name in the CR1 petition. I need your take on this.
  5. So in our case will it be okay to still include some of our traditional engagement ceremony pictures while will update it with our upcoming court wedding photos since the CO openly said our engagement ceremony in Ghana is what they consider as traditional marriage.
  6. @O&GForever, I am more than grateful. I I went through your timeline and I am more than grateful to say it will help a lot.
  7. @SelAli711, my sweetheart is in Washington State but it looks like USC filing for Spouse visa have Texas, Chicago and Phoenix lockbox as service centre for CR1 and IR1. I stand corrected anyway.
  8. @Mrs Odurothanks so much, will it be still okay to include the some of the engagement pictures that the Officer interpreted as traditional marriage and add up the new pictures from our upcoming court marriage. Would it be necessary to involve a visa coach or lawyer in our next filing after our court marriage.
  9. @SelAli711thanks for the insight, please how did you get Potomac service centre? Or better still which centre did you petition to in the first place?
  10. We got refused Last week for our K1 because our Ghanaian engagement ceremony pictures were misinterpreted as traditional marriage. My fiancée will come down for us to go have a court marriage and file for CR1. Anyone with similar experience who will guide me through what exactly we need gather before filing.
  11. Go to the bank and make payment and book your appointment, they are almost closing July and they will move to August. Some people waited for 9 months and never got p3 so they eventually went and they were approved. Some waited for 5 months and beyond without P3. You already know your case is ready for interview. I have taken the risk to boom my appointment although p3 hasn't been mailed to me.
  12. Has there been any situation where case has been received by embassy but Ceac site still shows IN TRANSIT. Case was shipped on 4/16/2019 and also got an email alert about case being sent to my embassy by NVC but it still reads in Transit.
  13. Give it some time, I am sure even if they have picked up, it will take a while for them to update their system for you to monitor progress.
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