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  1. Yeah you right don't exactly know what criteria does consul officer follows to serve questionnaire and wait applicants for months and months.
  2. Yeah I had 2 after submitting questionnaire.have you ever travelled out of pak.
  3. Right so it's been 3 months since you had interview, end of the Interview I did ask same question to consular officer he replied it can take few months. So you didn't have any updates since you submit docs or ds5535 . Don't worry your case is very clear hope you will get some good news.
  4. When did u have yr Interview and where ? Did you get questionnaire after interview
  5. This week my case updated 3 times hoping some positive news Soon. But God knows better when it's going to happen and I wish and pray for all vj,ers who stuck in AP should get visas soon.
  6. @paki-guy my case got updated yesterday and today as well any hope you predict?
  7. Really we were so hopeful when embassy requested to redo medical but it's been almost 2 months it's really worrying why did they request another medical when they have to linger your case again. But God is always great. Just pray pray and pray he listens and answers our prayers.
  8. Thank you so much and hope this updates can lead to some positive stuff. And I always pray for all of us get visas soon.and join our lived one's in US.
  9. Yes on 3rd april right after my interview day then on 10/11 which embassy called me to ask something then on 29april upon receiving missing docs.
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