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  1. It's normal in most cases when review completed it changed to Ready and stays for sometime week or two then reverse to AP and later changed to Issued. Its a good sign.
  2. Send them email for your fresh passport to resubmit to AEG, they won't accept your passport until you attach email requesting to submit new passport, last month they sent me my passport to send fresh coz old one is going to expire so they sent me email which I take to AEG on 28th September after that mine case updated twice, waiting for another email which they have to call me for fingerprints and Oath. In your case why they didn't request same time they ask for redo medical.
  3. Your visa application is in Administrative processing for background checks if they didn't ask any additional documents at the time of interview, did consular officer gave you 221g paper.
  4. Nothing to worry open your ds260 and refill if your address phone number if its changed and plus they add social media info/handles like Twitter, YouTube and email address, there's a whole list, if you don't use write N/A
  5. Don't really know why they do this all, what on earth stopping them to ask all required doc's to complete the application, their whole Immigrant visa system is shitty and sickening, I can imagine people in Ap for more than year and two still the situation is black and white for them, all we can do pray to God to take us out of this.
  6. Mine wasn't expired only validity left 3 months so mid Sept they sent me mail I past the exact they sent me and I did send my Fresh passport last week, anyone gone through with similar/or have any info like how long they will take to call for fingerprint and Oath, plus mine medical has expired as well.
  7. 13th September embassy sent back my expired passport and sent mail that we have reviewed your immigration visa case and to move forward we need your valid passport and mail also said once we receive passport we will then schedule you for fingerprint and Oath, which I sent on 30th September, But my medical also expired but didn't mention anything about medical, any info...
  8. Here I can agree with you, and will you pls send me that link of DOS, thanks for sharing.
  9. Since you quoting DOS, maybe right but now I tell you my own experience I had Interviewed in April IV Visa, at time of interview he asked me police clearance certificate from 🇨🇭 Switzerland where I studied like 20 years ago and from South Korea where I lived in 2010 so I did get both and submit to Consulate within 3 weeks.
  10. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) - The Official Portal of the UAE ... You can apply online while out of uae The PCC is available for applicants who are currently residing in the UAE, or those who are no longer UAE residents. You can apply for the certificate online through the Ministry of Interior's website and/or their smartphone app MOI UAE available on iTunes and Google Play.Jul 17, 2019 https://government.ae › police-clear...
  11. They will ask for dubai pcc infact any country you lived more than 6 months need to present and it can affect only if your employer made any complaint in police or file lawsuit, you can check this through your company PRO. Hope this can help..😣
  12. @Ahmed&Fredawhen did you get Ds5535 after 2nd interview and how about any case update its a long long time now, I wish and pray your long AP finish soon. On 13 they ask me to send fresh valid passport which I sent yesterday and mail says once we receive, we will then schedule you for an oath and fingerprint, now let's see when they call for it. Pls keep me in your prayers.
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