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  1. lalaland123

    DV 2019

    Ok. Thank you SO much Susieqqq! God Bless!
  2. lalaland123

    DV 2019

    He was given a visa denial letter when he applied for his last tourist Visa (b1/b2) visa. And it was stated there that he could apply for a waiver because of his ban. He has a brother who is a US Citizen. That was why the CO told him then that he could apply for a waiver. Can he use this denial for b1/b2 visa for waiver instead? Or is it has to be a denial letter from this DV interview?
  3. lalaland123

    DV 2019

    Hi Susieqqq, Thanks again for your reply and your advice! Will take your advice and go ahead to the interview with just me and my kid. Just wondering, if I were to apply for the waiver, do I have to be in US or I can apply for his waiver right after my dv lottery is approved? And Which day starts as my green card holder status, the day I get accepted for green card after the interview, my first activation trip to USA, or the day I get my US green card (the physical card) when I am in the States? Thank you!
  4. lalaland123

    DV 2019

    Thank you for your awesome reply @Susieqqq He left willingly left in 2012. So his bar will be over in 2022.. Like you said, it will take another 3 years (at least) to sponsor him a GReen card. That’s a long time to not be able to see his kid. But I guess we don’t have much choice! Thank you!
  5. lalaland123

    DV 2019

    Hello, I am A DV 2019 winner and I am already scheduled for an interview in April. I am the principal while my spouse and my child are the derivatives. My husband had lived in USA and overstayed his visa. He still has an ongoing 10-year bar from the date he left the US. His Bar is not over yet. 1. Will his case affect my case and the chance of me getting approved for the DV visa? 2. If we attend the interview together, and he is rejected, will my application and my child's application be rejected as well? 3. If he is put on AP after the interview, will it hold back the rest of the members including me, the applicant? ( I am afraid his case will put us on hold on AP until September 30th). 4. Would it be better for him to not attend the interview together and not migrate together and I apply a waiver for him and sponsor him once I get to USA? all useful comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you!