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  1. Okay thanks for letting me know; mine has currently been stuck in NI AP for the past week so just trying to reassure myself!
  2. Why are people being so negative! The only thing that matters is Congrats @moreadore
  3. Haha okay thanks! I’ll just continue to worry then!
  4. Hi, I’ve seen this mentioned before but was just wondering if the date you put and they also ask at your interview when you’re planning on entering.... does this affect how quickly your case is processed? I put a date towards the end of July and also said the same thing to them! (Working out notice at work) I’m just a bit baffled as now stuck in NI Administrative Processing for nearly 7 working days now with no case updates since last week. Just curious to if this could slow down the process!
  5. Yay glad to hear this! Good luck for your future x
  6. Hi @Kdunn or @tracey deollos have either of you had an update! I’ve been sitting in Non immigrant AP for a week now with no case updates!
  7. Yay!!!! Sending positive vibes! No change for me today still in NI AP!
  8. Okay great thank you so much for letting me know! Who knows what’s holding mine up then!
  9. Hi thanks so much for your response that is really helpful! Did you list all of them on your DS160? I’m just so paranoid about what is holding up my administrative processing and that’s the only thing I can think of when I’ve been to what other people call ‘high risk countries’ thank you though!
  10. Sorry to hear that! No update for me either! Let’s hope for better things tomorrow!
  11. Okay thanks for the reassurance it’s only cause everyone’s seem to be issuing so quickly recently! Thank you!
  12. Thank you this is true! Just seems to be chilling in NI AP with no movement and that’s the only thing I could think it would be with no name changes, criminal convictions etc but about 20 countries visited! Thanks for your advice!
  13. Hi! I previously posted in another area of the forum in regards to filling out the DS-160 with all the countries you have visited in the last 5 years. I am ex British Airways long haul cabin crew from 2016-2018, and we basically flew everywhere, including some countries which people will list as high risk’ I was advised to list all of the countries on the DS-160 even though our passports were never stamped etc, but wanted to be safer rather than sorry. I had my interview last Tuesday and was put into Non Immigrant AP since Thursday morning with no updates since then and hasn’t changed at all today. Do you think I should be worried that I’ll be in processing for ages? Even though I had a crewman visa from the US Embassy and I had the job as a previous employer - probably over worrying! Thanks in advance
  14. So I had my London interview last Tuesday 11th June and have been put into Non immigrant AP. I am worried as nothing has updated and re my previous concern about the countries I had to visit due to my role as a flight attendant with British Airways- do you think this is slowing down the issuance of my passport? They cancelled my crew visa at my interview as I told them I am no longer a flight attendant and they have my previous employment history and no passport stamps from these locations apart from Indonesia and USA ones. I’m hoping that because of this it isn’t going to cause a huge delay?
  15. Oh no that’s frustrating mine hasn’t updated at all today either! Hope you hear something soon!
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