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  1. I’d like to know how the EAD system works as well! My interview was scheduled well over a week ago, and is next month - so doubt I’ll see the EAD, but confused to how late Oct filers are receiving theirs already - If our case has been processed to interview then why can’t they issue the EAD so at least we can work!!
  2. Got the letter in the mail today! Interview Monday 24th February
  3. I had my fingerprints done 29/10 and haven’t heard anything about my EAD card; still says fingerprints were taken! But my interview has been scheduled as of yesterday so not sure I’ll even see my EAD before the GC depend when my interview is I guess!
  4. Interview Scheduled today!! Nashville Field Office PD: 07 October 2019 Biometrics: 29 October 2019 Case Ready to be Scheduled: 09 January Interview Scheduled: 17 January Will update when I received the letter with the date
  5. Okay great thank you! That’s really helpful information
  6. So we don’t have to change the name on our passport if different to our green card? As I renewed mine last year but thought I’d have to change it to my married name which will be on my GC before I went back home to the UK?
  7. We filed 4th October, biometrics 29th October and not heard a single thing either!
  8. Mine has currently been 45 days since biometrics with no update; so not always the case
  9. Why thank you my lovely!!!!! Currently sitting at the airport waiting for my gate! How exciting! Thanks so so much to this forum for all the help and guidance and to you @Zoeeeeeee for letting me rant to you hahaha! What an exciting adventure!!!!!!!!
  10. You must be so relieved! I knew everything would be okay! am beaming away at my desk for you!!!! X
  11. So so SO happy for you girl! Your fiancé will get an email either today or tomorrow from the courier company in regards to when he can collect his package from the location he selected!
  12. Thanks hun!!!! ❤️ Yours soon! X
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