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  1. I already sent the email with the info the need , but am so frustrated from this “start now” inside it they want as the attached pic but my wife never worked in the US so at the time i followed as attached in the second pic and i have joint sponsor and the NVC accept the whole thing and send me interview date!!!!!!
  2. I upload pics start now before the interview was ready and after become start now but the embay didn’t mention that i should upload the docs they only mention that i should answer the questions on the first pic then email it back to them , should i upload new docs i really appreciate ur help
  3. After I attended my immigrant interview they transferred me to AP and They give me White paper with 10 questions to answer it and send the answers by email back to embassy then i should wait this was the only instructions they give me, but today i was checking my ceac and under the financial doc the open my wife docs again and it say start now so should i upload new files ??? Because they didn’t mention it at all at the interview please help if u can
  4. It the same stamp sayin the below in the bottom of it (UPON ENDORSEMENT SERVES AS TEMPORARY I.551 EVIDENCING PERMANENT RESIDENCE FOR 1 YEAR)
  5. Even if ,I will be leaving for like three months only then return to US permanently ?
  6. Hi All , i want to know if i enter the us with F2A VISA, then left before receiving the Green card is that possible without losing my green card ? Thx in advance
  7. Hi All and thank you in advanced for the help, in 26th April 2019 my case (I-130 petition) status in uscis website shows that my case got approved, so i want to prepare for nvc stage before the WL in my case the petitioner LPR (my wife) never worked in usa or fill taxes cause she is student and her father take care of her financial matters so in this case which forms she should fill for the affidavit of support, also her uncle will help us as a joint sponsor i really appreciate your help
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