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  1. hello - most folks here are of the IR/CR kind - trying to connect with EB employment based Visa aspirants all over the world and especially Mumbai. Please share experiences and status updates here - thanks
  2. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/701369-ds260-current-and-previous-addresses-problem/?do=findComment&comment=9624787
  3. So we just send by email the standard docs BC, MC, PCC, copy of passport by email and hope they dont ask for anything more
  4. hi DXB - may be you can help - I just submitted my ds260 last friday but on the ceac site, still cant see a button/section to upload civil docs - did you/lawyer email the NVC directly
  5. Got a Qn - Im an Eb3 India applicant - i submitted the ds260 but the slot for uploading the civil docs cant be seen on the CEAC site - do I email them separately or do i give it a couple of days for the NVC to activate that section ?
  6. the CEAC site is quite temperamental and it does this for me whenever i have to add more than 5 entries be it addresses or education or employment..however, it will not allow any gap in addresses from age 16 - what id suggest is add 5 addresses to cover entire time from age 16 - meaning lie to trick the site on the duration to save it, go back and add another 5 and so on until you cover the entire time..and when u add another address, don;t wait to fill one before you click add another - in one go, click add another 5 times so that you can see 5 open slots and quickly add the five..it helps a lot if you save all the addresses ( and for that matter all data) on a word document and copy paste quickly..the site has a cycle length bug in it i think..meaning it will give you only a 5 or max 10 min window during which u should quickly put in all the data and hit save. else it will boot you off. also keep in mind, the volume of visitors on the site from all over the world is humongous at any time - it can only take so much.
  7. congrats - Hey do you mean your interview is in April or March - you received letter on the 8th and interview is on 9 th ?
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