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  1. The holidays are really hard to be away from your family! Keep your chin up! We're still waiting too and don't expect to hear anything until next year! Did you have your interview yet?
  2. Thanks for the info, I've been living here 15 years though... I was just answering a general question from another member 😊
  3. I don't know how dmw works in other states, but here in CT we have dmv express for renewals. I went there in May, they didn't even ask for any papers and gave me 6 years right away even though I'm adjusting my status. Look up where you live if they have something similar. If the license is valid til next year, I would just wait! It doesn't really make a difference.
  4. I'm also Hartford and we filed 3/22! Hoping to hear something soon!
  5. Let us know when you get the letter! That gives me an idea of maaaaaaaybe we will be scheduled! With my luck they'll probably schedule so it conflicts with my Sweden trip! 😂
  6. Yes your medical is valid if it's less than a year old so you should be fine. I don't know about medical insurance requirement, I haven't seen it anywhere that that has been asked. This is a link I found that was pretty comprehensive! https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/free-books/fiance-marriage-visa-book/chapter14-28.html
  7. Omg that's amazing!!! I sooo hope we're following the same time line. I know my ead was about month later than yours but at least now we're in the same office handling our cases! 🤞🏼
  8. Did you get scheduled for your interview yet? I know we're the same field office and on similar time lines!
  9. We got married pretty quickly but wasn't in a rush to file right away since I was here legally (f1 visa) Thought about maybe moving to Sweden for a while and didn't want to spend all the money on a green card if we weren't gonna live here.
  10. I'm about to travel for Christmas. Do they take you in for questioning when you travel on AP? And what documents did you bring with you? Are the i797 notices enough?
  11. We're about to pass our 2nd anniversary in 2 weeks 🎉 lol. I just think I'll probably have to renew my ead but other than that I'm not so stressed anymore! Thank you! I was too lazy to look it up myself😂
  12. So my visa journey i-130 estimated approval jumped from October 2019 to April 2020. If I have to apply to renew my ead, is the fee still waived?? I assume our interview will take at least until the beginning of next year.
  13. So I'm trying to change our address online. Is it enough to put one case in? If I put my i485 in, I can't add my husband's i130. Do I need make multiple changes?
  14. We're not conventional either. Altho my husband wears his band, I rarely put mine on (work with babies and also don't care for jewelry). We got married in a gazebo with 6 of our friends and none of our families and had a pizza party after. No plans on doing a big wedding in future either. We have a roommate who is my best friend who also have a 5 year old. That's for financial reasons bc we live in a very expensive state but we all see each other as family and not roommates. I think you'll be fine, as long as you're honest. These officers are trained to pick up on stuff that doesn't add up and if you have nothing to hide, you will be fine! Just bring a lot of proof of bona-fide marriage.
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