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  1. Yeah it eves has a $100 insurance on that’s what the tracking says
  2. So why the tracker says it’s a package? And why it also says it’s delivered?
  3. So is it in a big like an A4 envelope? I’m very furious! I can’t calm down. The tracking # says it’s delivered and it’s NOT!
  4. My card didn’t arrive however the tracking says it’s delivered. Even the mailman said he didn’t scan anything like that. what kind of envelope in was it? My tracker says it’s a package.
  5. The mailman didn’t come yet ugh 😓 mine is coming today. Why he is coming after 4 pm???? I have 30 minutes left. I’ll stand right behind him 😂
  6. What’s your field office? I’m in SoCal. Mine is Santa Ana. The minimum waiting time is 13 months here 😓
  7. I applied to H&M so if they hire me I’ll give you discount 😂
  8. I was shopping for the interviews yesterday 😂😂 I already sent out at least 40 applications and actually I’ve got 2 replies 🎉
  9. As far as I know if it's not flu season, you don't have to get the flu shot. Go to CVS or Wallgreens and ask the pharmacyst when is the flu season will start. Or call a USCIS doctor and they'll tell you via phone if it's needed already or not.
  10. Well, if you have a missing required document, such as the medical exam (or if it's expired) you'll get an RFE until you send it to the USCIS. There was someone in this group I think from Ohio, and she had her interview in May?! I guess and she was missing maybe a shot?! I don't remember exatly, but there was something with her medical form. She ran right after the interview to the doctor and took the completed form back on the same day to the officer.
  11. Yes, I'm not from K1 but if @americaninlove husband doesn't have a medical exam he'll definitely have to get it done before the inteview otherwise they'll get RFE after the interview.
  12. Since 2017 USCIS waive the AP fee (even if it's emergency) if you have a pending I-485.
  13. Yes, he'll need to bring the medical to the interview. Didn't you get the yellow courtesy letter? I got it right after the first NOA and it said that I'll have to bring it to the interview.
  14. USPS informed delivery says that my EAD will arrive this afternoon weirdly as a package with a $100 insurance on it. Still no information about my SSN. I really hope it will arrive soon because I can't apply for most of the jobs without it. Most of the application require to add the SSN information too.
  15. Great!!! I’m so happy for you! Okay, do you know that joke “when you are afraid of something you may cause it! Yeah and I’m afraid of a million $”?? so here is my thoughts: nooooo I’m not expecting my AOS interview at all 😂😂
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