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  1. Keep me posted !! I’m rooting for you! Everything will be okay !!!
  2. When is your interview scheduled?? I’m so excited for you to finally get over the AOS!
  3. Same with us. The IO said he doesn’t care about my income and my job etc because I had the EAD and I had the right to work. He only cared about my husband’s income.
  4. Do you have a leasing office? sometimes they drop it there. Or maybe they’ll delivery it tomorrow. My EAD was for Out for delivery for 2 weeks!!
  5. I got the NOA-2 on Saturday. I have an update since Friday that says USPS picked up my card but there is no tracking number like the EAD had...
  6. The file that we sent to the USCIS. At the very end of the interview he asked us for fresh utility bills, rental lease etc. he didn’t care about fresh pictures, just the papers.
  7. Yeah I never know what’s coming with the mail because they don’t scan the picture...
  8. Lol I usually get that informed delivery scans around 4 pm right before the mailman comes. And they don’t scan the picture I usually get blank pictures.
  9. My EAD card got lost by the USPS for 2 weeks and my neighbor dropped it to me. Do you remember guys? 🙄😩
  10. Question for those who already got their Green card: When is the I-130 going to be approved? My card is being produced since Tuesday but the I-130 still says that “Case was received”. I know it doesn’t matter too much but still is it going to be change to be “Approved” at some point?
  11. I Think you did fine and you’ll get update later today or tomorrow! What a relief, right ?
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