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  1. Has anyone been issued a green card after they arrived the US Isnt this same group where they charge money for information?
  2. For those trying to leave Nigeria, kindly join the whatsapp group for those planning the next flight out of Nigeria https://chat.whatsapp.com/E3jCvu8qtjAJ4IDhJsFhKG
  3. She can transit a ban country, remember she is a spouse of a USC. But your visa validity should expire in August, soon all will be fine
  4. Hello guys, I got this today. Hopefully I get a reservation
  5. I got this information today. Is it advisable?
  6. It has been signed. I say to people, worry less, God has a way of taking care of situations. It will surely end in praise. I wasnt bothered one bit not because I already have my immigrant visa, but because I wanted the will of God to be done. And I strongly believe, everything in life happens for a reason. Wasn't Nigerians banned from obtaining immigrant visa via consular processing? After the ban, were we not issued visas? So God is still in the business of doing wonders. A clip from the EO signed yesterday: Spouses of USC and children under 21 years old, are not impacted by this EO. I strongly believe K-1 visa, is equally not affected, because it is non- immigrant visa, even though there is intention to adjust. Those affected are IR5( Parents of USC and LPR) And the LPR sponsoring their spouses. Then other classes of immigrant visa. It's for 60days, but I can bet you, trump will extent it. Existing valid visa, is not affected, so travel as soon as you can. We will join our spouses and love ones and at the end give glory to God for all he has done in our lives. Please stay safe and remain blessed
  7. Can we all just take a deep breathe and stop thinking too hard? Trump supporters and non supporters, please calm down. It's his time to make choices as the President and he has the right to implement what ever policies he feels it's good and of great benefits to his country, so take take a break from all this unnecessary arguments and debate. The Bible says, that the heart of man is in the hands of God. At the end, if it is Gods will that we eventually meet our spouses, change location, adopt a new life and work outside our region, him alone will determine that. A man who thought he was greater than God and was mean to people who opposed him, is currently with God almighty.(This happened few days ago in my country) Let's have the fear of God in us all, and remember, we are all strangers on earth. Have a blessed day!
  8. So those of us with a valid immigrant visa, what happens to us? Is that also cancelled? I'm not yet in the state due to cancelled flights. Trump trump trump😁. All will definitely end in praise, I'm not moved one bit🙄
  9. How is everyone holding up this at crucial time? Hopefully, we start our lives again and all will normalise soon. May God save our land🙏
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