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  1. usually they only send once in a month… but i really hope so . in sha Allah
  2. i am nov 18 2020 DQ .. CR1 … haven’t recieved an IL.. 😞
  3. friends wife? not sure if this is true.. they go in sequence.. in very rear case they skip someone.. hw can they skip complete july and aug..
  4. if your interview is after april 15, you have to have updated AOS uploaded and needs to take it with you. if your interview is before april 15 .. you should be fine.. with 2019
  5. does priority date matter after you get DQ... just curious!
  6. Thank you so much for sharing🙂🙂🙂 wish you all the best🙂🙂
  7. thank you... its so strange... big pakistani population here n fb... but i couldn’t find anyone who say they DQd btwen jun 04 - jun 14 and they did or didn’t get iL.. but i saw jun 15 and 17 DQ got iL🤔🤔🧐 is there anyone here got DQ b/w Jun 04 to Jun 14?
  8. brother, it doesn’t say you DQd in Jun 15 2020. can you look at and make sure it was Jun 15 when you got documentarily qualified email . actually its kind of strange... as nobody here reported and was able to find any one DQ betweeen jun 03 to jun 14 and got IL.. will appreciate your response.. Thanks,
  9. i believe its change to ‘in-transit’ after you get IL and then ‘ready’ before interview.
  10. wow i hope things workout for you! inshaAllah! i would like to request you, please keep us informed and guide us when you able to figure this out... thank you!
  11. I hope you get visa very soon.. i wonder what is the meaning of ‘another version’. so are you guys going to create another Urdu nikkah nama and sign it again? thats really sad
  12. even though embassy covered only 2 weeks of DQ ppl in dec 2020 .. but issued in alot more CR1/IR1 visa if you compare to Dec 2019.. wish you all the best to the ppl still waiting for IL.. keep praying for everyone and hope for the best!!!
  13. hopefully!!! with this speed .. it will take years just to get IL from DQ.. this is literally heart breaking... 🥲
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