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  1. It should because me and my wife got married in the philippines before having our first child.and i stated my citiz3nship on their PSO certificate that i am a u.s citizen
  2. I mean on their birth certificates i stated that i am a u.s citizen and nationality is american..thanks for your reply i appreciate it
  3. I am u.s citizen since birth.i was born on guam.but attended high school and college in the philippines thats how i met my wife.so we have 3 kids now but they are currently still in the philippines because i have'nt filed a petition yet. I've been working here in texas usa for 3 years now..my question is do i have to apply a visa and petition for them individually? or just my wife? Is it I-130?..because my friend told me that i should just apply petition for my wife and it should claim also my kids when visa will be approved?my wife is a philippine citizen and also my 3 kids since they were born in the philippines..we have been marfied for 7 years now..please help me and guide me thanks in advance
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