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  1. My medical and interview were cancelled. I have every other documentation. I am hoping they extend the viability of the petition and certificates. If not, if they open up for a bit somehow, I am hoping the visa stamp can be viable longer.
  2. Not concerned about my police certificate expiring (unless it takes until winter of 2020...yikes), but my passport is a huge problem. It expires March 2021...if not approved by September do I have to re-do the whole process, or would bringing the old and new passport be fine?
  3. Thanks for the answers. I did the fingerprint-based check under the privacy act. I am hoping that's fine. I mentioned I needed it for immigration to the US for a K1 visa. I am hoping the lady did the right option within the act... What's making me nervous is that the mention of RCMP repository wasn't brought up, although it is a RCMP accredited company and she confirmed it would be from their database.
  4. Does anyone know what the packet 4 letter looks like? Two days after submitting packet 3, I got this email that starts with this: "This office has completed the review of the below-referenced immigrant visa case. You are now ready for an interview at the U.S. Consulate General in Montreal, where all interviews for immigration to the US from Canada are processed. This letter provides information on the next steps you must take to continue with your immigrant visa case." But the only mention of packet 4 looks like this at the bottom: "Appointment letter: (Packet 4)" with no link or pdf attached. Is this confirmation to proceed with scheduling everything?
  5. edit: delete please, i am dumb
  6. Thanks, but is there a website that covers the certificate? I found something on a website called commisionnaires, where I can do it electronically providing some information, but again no fingerprinting...
  7. I obtained a municipal police criminal check that states I have no antecedent criminal record under my name. My address, date of birth, and name are included in the form, signed by an officer that conducted the check. I've lived there since I was 6 years old. Is this an acceptable police certificate for the Montreal embassy? No fingerprinting was involved.
  8. ...anyone know where to do this? I tried creating an account to do the payment, but the options can't be clicked on. Packet 3 has been sent so I feel pressed for time.
  9. Would taking a picture with my phone be fine for this, or would a digital scan be recommended?
  10. I figured that was possible after seeing the message in the failed attempt, but then the dimensions have me worried. It is a passport photo, so I figure it must be fine physically. Thanks to you and Greenbaum for your help. Got other questions but about the education parts this time. I thought I was in the clear as it mentions last five years for employment, but for education it seems to be all-time. That causes some anxiety in me for multiple reasons... The way high school went for me was a school for the freshmans (in American terms), then the next school for the sophomores, juniors, and seniors. As I left the first school, it was abolished and everyone went to the same (second) school. Afterwards I had some courses to finish to earn my diploma, so I went to an adult school which was the first's school location. I know the time period I finished each, but not the exact dates. I have a few questions about that if anyone can answer... 1) I realized that all three schools shared a "banner" name of sorts. Is it possible to combine all three, beginning with the first school's start date to the time i officially finished my courses in adult school, with that banner name? 2) If I have no idea the exact dates I finished, can I put in estimates? Then another issue pops up...I have some post-secondary school done in college and a trade school. However, they didn't last very long. College was three days in summer of 2014, while the trade school was a month in early 2017. Do I have to include both despite their short and incomplete timespans? Thanks to anyone who responds!
  11. Can you submit it online without a photo? I've taken a passport picture but the dimensions aren't matching and their photo cropper does not function.
  12. My picture got a date automatically on it. What happens if it is sent after the 30 days?
  13. I'm told that the USCIS online form states that you do?
  14. Got a small issue: She didn't write the date of the photo when it was taken. Can she write the date it was taken retrospectively today without being considered fraudulent?
  15. About to complete the process tomorrow. I have my vaccaination records but the booklet is a bit busted due to a flood we endured years ago. It's still readable inside though. Will that be an issue? My birth certificate is in a similar boat.
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