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  1. Today Today is the 53th day and I see on my case status that the last update was today and still AP
  2. Hey guys. My interview for cr1 visa was 13th Jan. Have been under AP for more needed documents. Anyone has experience here for the same situation please share it with me how long take you to hear back for the embassy. Thank you all
  3. I had my interview and the CO asked me for more documents. How long is take to US embassy to review needed documents after u submitted on the system?
  4. They just like to put people on hold and keep them away from each other!!
  5. If you can fill it out and give it to him before he can go to the interview will be good. Because they may ask for it as update for your info.close any way for them that they can play around with you around . good luck.
  6. I sent them my passport back for the second but they send back to me
  7. Hi guys. I had interview 13th Jan and the CO asked me some questions and he had that yellow form ready even before I start the interview with him and had signed beside CO-Sponcer and after the interview he told me that I need co- sponser or your wife 2018 tax when you have it ready send it to me by Aramex. And he was going to keep my passport then he said you know what keep your passport with you tell you have everything ready and send it to me with the needed documents. so on 14th of FEB, I sent the needed documents and by Aramex and by end of the week the embassy send me all the documents and my passport and asked me to scan the documents on the system. So I did. How long it could take them to review the documents? Also is it not good sign to give me the passport back which he was going to keep it but hechanged his mind because he doesn’t know how long it will take me to send him the needed documents?
  8. The yellow form the CO gave me has no sign beside AP. When he sent me the passport back in the next time, is it bad?
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