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  1. called NVC and received my case number, yayyy and thanks for the google drive file, I converted the Julian date 161 ( = 661 - 500 ) and found my case was approved on Jun 10 Monday. Now I think I will continue to wait patiently for the status update. See if this graph helps.
  2. @Lyubov thanks for sharing your progress. Our NOA2 was on the same date 05/14, NVC received the case on June 5th but similarly, there is no case number yet. Let's wait and stay optimistic haha 🤗
  3. I called NVC and waited for 35 mins before an agent picked up the line. My case was not there yet (tears She said that she's seeing cases sending through from around 6 weeks ago and advised me not to call until another 2 weeks...
  4. Thanks @Greenbaum for the super helpful pdf file! We just received our NOA2 and I really love this forum and the community, I can spend all day here! (but plz don't tell my boss 😊
  5. Congrats!!!! And we also got our NOA2 on May 14! 😄 It was 4:30am in SF when I received an email sent from the new website, subject: "We have taken an action on your case." I was so nervous and when I logged in to the new website, case status was changed to "Case was Approved". Yayyyyyy I saw many people in the forum were notified by local post. However, we did not receive any mail yet. I have also checked the old website, it was not updated, still showing "case was received". Hope that we will receive the letter via local post soon! NOA1: Feb 14, 2019 NOA2: May 14, 2019
  6. Congrats!!!! My NOV1 was also on 14th Feb, thank you for sharing your updates! Hope that I will also receive my NOA2 soon...waiting nervously
  7. Hello, so happened to find this forum and i'm so excited to see that you are also filing in Feb 2019. Yeah! I'm a K1 beneficiary from Hong Kong. My fiancé sent out the I-129F package on Saturday afternoon, 2019-02-09 and via DHL tracker, our package was received and signed on Monday morning 2019-02-11, and NOA1 received on 2019-02-14. What a valentine's day gift for us! Currently we are patiently waiting for NOA2 and VJ timeline forecasts that we will likely be receiving NOA2 between June 12, 2019 and June 19, 2019. We are actually worried that the NOA2 will approve too early! As we planned to have our wedding ceremony in US on 2020-02-01 and reserved a church venue, we worry that if K1 approves early and we might be at risk of it expiring. Could anyone advise how do K1 start date and expiry date count? Does the K1 start date count from issuing date or from the date of entry to US? Is it valid for 6 months? And how do they count the 90 days that you must get marry? Thanks everyone! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Service Center : California Service Center Consulate : Hong Kong I-129F Sent : 2019-02-09 I-129F NOA1 : 2019-02-14
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