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  1. Hello there! Just wondering if anyone is able to give me some advice on the matter or may have some shared experiences. ive emailed the centre about the status of a package i resent through again as it got lost before and i got back an email that said. "Your I-129F application was rejected by the Lockbox on May 6, 2019 because of missing required data" and they gave me a number in which i used to check the status online through the official website for further information but it just says "On May 6, 2019, we rejected your Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e), Receipt Number because it was not filed correctly. We mailed your case back to you, including any supporting materials and fee. Please follow the instructions to resubmit your case. If you do not receive your rejected case by June 5, 2019, contact the USCI" What does this usually entail as it is a little vague for me, is there a way to find more information on what is missing? or perhaps any light on what we are doing wrong and if there's a particular way we have to resubmit or if we can just resend it again after trying to figure out what is missing? thank you for your help!
  2. No, nothing has taken out of account and I checked the tracking receipt and it says it's been delivered. Since then it's just been a few months of nothing.
  3. Hello! I'm sorry if this is a silly question or the wrong place to post but I was wondering if someone could give me a bit of insight. I submitted the K1 visa back in late October/early November last year 2018 and I haven't heard back from the lockbox or the other. No notification or email has been sent, just nothing at all. I'm not sure where to go from here. I've sent an email to them but no response. Would it worth re sending the package again? Thank you!
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