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  1. My husband received his extension letter within a week after our package was delivered. 18 months extension
  2. Sent I-751 To AZ- May 17th, 2019 Delivered- May 21st, 2019 Received Text & Check Cashed- May 28th, 2017
  3. My husband had the same issue. Somewhere down the line someone messed up somewhere and switched his middle & first name. We honestly didn’t waste anytime with it and kept it how it was . Too much trouble to go & redo a bunch of paperwork that was going to take a significant amount of time & possibly money.
  4. My I-751 package was delivered today. What happens next & what timeline could I expect to be looking at?
  5. Mailed in our I-751 today! 05/17/19. Packet weighed 3 pounds !
  6. I’m from Washington state and will be sending it to Arizona. Should I go with fedex or usps priority mail?
  7. Do you know where I could find this information? We got married in Vietnam
  8. mdatnguyen

    Marriage date

    i am handling the form I-751 myself and when I was looking at my marriage certificate my marriage date is different from the registered date that’s listed on the certificate? I got married on July 31, 2016 but on my marriage certificate it states that I registered on August 10, 2016? What should I put as my date of marriage on the I-751 form?
  9. Am I providing information about my united citizen children that were born in the USA?
  10. We’ve tried. The person who stole her identity basically cashed fraud checks and it affected her credit. So when you open a checking account they run your social security number . We have disputed and legally working with credit repair experts to clear her name.
  11. I know it’s important to show commingling of financials but the only thing that my wife and I don’t have together is a joint banking account. We have joint credit cards & taxes BUT my wife had her identity stolen and used to open bank accounts so now she’s basically blacklisted to be on my account . We have been working through the process to get her name cleared so she can be on my checking account but it’s taking longer than expected. What can I do ? Should I get a letter from my bank saying my wife is not eligible to be on a checking account? We’ve tried with a few different banks to open a joint account but none within open in her name until things are cleared with her identity.
  12. I am working on submitting our I-751. Since I have immigrated to the USA I have always lived with my wife and kids with our mother in law . It is my mother in law whose name is on the lease. How do we go about providing proof of shared residence if we don’t have a lease under both our names?
  13. How did you guys choose to organize your removal of condition paperwork & evidence? Did you put it in a binder?
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