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  1. Yep, that seems to be the case. A few IR-1/CR-1 that filed in February 2019, and even in March, either got their interview notice or went through the interview process already. I guess CR-6 filers will have to wait longer. I am hoping that this practice will cut down the processing time for the CR-6 filers since CR-1 will mostly be adjudicated by their local USCIS officers. But the existing backlog in the service centers probably will still cause delays for CR-6 filers...
  2. Wondering if you had any problems with getting the new job. I am in the same boat as you. Would appreciate if could share your experience. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks a lot. It makes sense. I filed the i-751 late (16 days before the last day of the 90 day window). I am sure my file would not be touched by mid November since VSC is slow.
  4. Do you think NYC will delay the combo i751/n400 application? I am also from NYC and was looking for info to understand how NYC handles the combo applications. At this point I am also thinking of not filing the n400 application in mid November.
  5. Thanks so much for providing the info. We have filed the i-751 a month ago but will be eligible to file the n-400 in mid November. You mentioned driving tickets. Were those parking tickets or other violations. Were they paid, pleaded guilty? Did you bring up those tickets to their attention or they asked? Thanks!
  6. How did the interview go? Did they approve both i-751 and n-400? Thanks!
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